Saturday, August 14, 2010

Maybe this can help

I have some friends who mean a lot to me who are hurting right now. Either in their heart, their soul or their situation. I want to do something to help but I can only be here for them. So tonight I worked on a couple of my favorite sunset photos and added some inspirational words.
In looking for the thoughts I added to my photographs, I came across a quote that made me think hard about what I do with my pictures..
  • "Format is irrelevant--if you can't tell a story, why pick up a camera in the first place?" - Kevin Burke
These two photos are of two different evenings in Puerto Vallerta in April this year while on vacation with my husband and my daughter's family. I have always been amazed at the colors of sunset. It is multiplied one hundred fold near the ocean. My fascination with attempting to show the intensity shall never be fulfilled, but I will continue to try because it brings me such joy. I love to be "WOW'ed" by this sight.

Please enjoy these. I am only the messenger. Click on each one to open in a larger size. Maybe the words or the serenity of the shot will help those who need it most.


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  1. Made that last shot my desktop! I always have seashore pix with lots of azure and turquoise. This one makes me smile since my baby sis shot it! Love the color treatment you do to your work.