Monday, September 27, 2010

Street Vibrations and Beyond

As promised, here are the few pics I took this weekend. We headed back to our favorite hotel at Gold Hill for the festivities called Street Vibrations. Reno, the main spot for this event sucks these days and we have not gone there for this weekend for over 4 years. We stumbled into this room we reserve at the Gold Hill Hotel about 6 years ago and make this an annual thing. I have commended the quality of the food at the Crown Point Restaurant before, so I won't go into that again, but this place is a "must stop" for anyone traveling to Virginia City. The people are nice and very down to earth. The atmosphere is casual and fun.

We took our friends, Ernie and Linda with us for the weekend and they arrived by 11 on Friday.When Mark went to fire up my bike that morning, we discovered that my battery could not be resuscitated. I ended up riding with him but figured it was good because I could take pictures on the ride. I left my camera in the tour pack for the beginning of the ride so the first photos were on my phone but hey, I took them anyway!

Down the road ~ Lodi to Jackson

We arrived late Friday afternoon and settled in to our rooms in time to have a drink before dinner. The bikes just kept going up and down the road out front of the hotel in and out of VC. 

Ernie and Linda with us at the bar downstairs in our Hotel

If you have never attended one of these bike functions, it is an incredible phenomenon. By Saturday, the flow of motorcycles was almost constant. The crowd in town was so heavy, you could not walk down the sidewalks. For some reason, Reno decided not to close Virginia Street where normally bikes parked and vendors filled the spaces between. Instead, the vendors were distributed to outlying areas like Sparks and the Harley dealership and Virginia City. The big party is always in Virginia City on Saturday but this year, riders showed up hours earlier than usual and kept coming all day long. The road in VC is a mile long and was lined on each side solid with bikes. The parking lots overflowed and still the bikes came. 

In the past, we have left our hotel - about a mile from downtown VC - around 10 in the morning on Saturday and had plenty of choices for parking. This year, we had to make a second pass and only got a spot because a couple of guys were leaving. I did not have the fortitude to hang in town for too long so by about 1 p.m. Mark and I were back at the hotel. It was busy enough there for me! 

Ernie and Linda on the road headed home

After a continental breakfast Sunday morning, we headed back home. Stopping at the burger joint at Kirkwood resort is a must. Best hamburger in the Sierras! But I did take my camera out as we were leaving the hotel and on the road home. Got a lot of shots of the scenery as we rode but by the time we were in the valley, temps were so high, I just put it back in the tour pack and endured the ride. Again, as last weekend, I was so very happy to be home. I think this is it for a bit. I am ready to enjoy my Martinez environment for awhile. 

Nevada ET's

Carson Valley

On the road again....

Fall comes to the Sierra's

Done for tonight. Probably the next post will be getting ready for Halloween. Who knows where I will find the next "photographic moment"? Happy Trails, People!


  1. Thanks for taking me along on the trip with you guys photographically...wish I could have been there with you...maybe next year?
    Much love,

  2. Missed you in Virginia City. Randy and I had a great time in Reno, thanks to Lacey, our Silver Legacy Host! You guys would have loved Cheech and Chong! They brought back alot of memories!
    I totally forgot my camera...we must be getting old! Pat, I enjoy peeking in on your blog and love seeing the family pics...until next time!

  3. Thank you both for leaving a comment. Nice to know someone is reading this. Rach... we would have a blast!
    Sorry we bailed, Suz... I was having an attack of "too many people" and Mark was up for a nap. I had to get out when we did so... Wish you would have come by the hotel. The bar is way cool!