Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Night and Nuthin' ta Do....

Here we sit... like two old fogies... each with a laptop and no plans to trip the light fantastic. Oh well, I love my back yard and the blues is playing on my XM so... it's not all that bad.

I did not work yesterday. Thinking this was my prime opportunity I have been awaiting, I packed a fresh battery in my camera, my tripod and a fresh to-go cup of tea (haven't drank coffee for years) in my pickup and headed to the spot where I have been watching the Egrets feed for the last month. The other day there must have been 50 hanging out in the wetlands behind the refinery. Eager to get some photos of the scenes I have been witnessing daily, I set out before sunrise.

Not a single white, barrel chested blasted bird in sight! I got a cool sunrise shot for my friends who said they don't ever get the chance to see one. The quarry and the concrete plant are in the foreground, but I think they add interest to the shot.

Sunrise Friday morning

I tired a couple of spots but did not succeed in finding the Egrets. I did see one in the slough near the back gate to the refinery, but I did not want my equipment confiscated and to be labeled a terrorist so I wandered away from the location. I did spend a very peaceful 2 hours sitting at the bird watch area on Waterbird Street (the dump road) and got some cool stuff of the Shell Refinery reflections in the wetlands. I think I am safe with this one...
From the bird watch overlook facing NW.

The smaller birds were busy but were wary of me even though I was only shooting with "virtual" film. I got a good dose of peace and bird chirps - it kind of sounded like that channel called "Sunrise Earth."

You will probably have to click on it to see the birds. Look under
and right of the one sitting up top. There is another in the shade
of the anise.
This is what the whole thing looks like and, believe me please, usually there are all kinds of birds there. From ducks, geese and Egrets the place us usually a cacophony of birdsong. If you ever just want to "chill" and watch the wildlife, take the Marina Vista off ramp, turn right and then right again just down the road by the Mexican Taco Truck and all the garbage trucks. It is on the right just as you are climbing the hill. The burritos at the truck are fresh and some of the best you can find around, by the way...

From the overlook towards the Martinez/Benicia bridge on
680. The wetlands stretch to the south (left) quite a ways as well.

One of the bird's favorite areas to hang out.

Through the magic of Photoshop and a talented lady I added
some birds. Not the right ones, but I feel better now.

Then I proceeded to deal with all the 'honey do's' on my truck. You know, the oil change place, tires rotated and got old "Get 'er Done" washed and detailed. 
All in all, a very productive day. Maybe next time the birds will cooperate with me and I will have some really cool shots that are really, really virtual ~ like for now, 'in my mind' ~ to show you. Please enjoy the sunrise shot, Louise and Sonya. I did that one just for you late birds. (wow...was that a pun?)

I found this last shot in the wrong file and had to share my Caprese Salad with y'all. Happy trails!

From the garden. Cucumbers, Heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil,
onions and Greek olives. Topped with fresh olive oil and
Balsamic vinegar.

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