Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Is Your Listening Choice?

I have been spending a lot of time in my truck these days. For those of you not familiar with my line of work, I drive a dump truck. Yup, that's right... I ride a Harley for fun and drive a Peterbilt for a living. It's really just a job, except I also am an owner in the company. We have a family owned/operated business with my husband, my son, my daughter who does the books and myself. We do a lot of work in the local refineries so it is a day job and I am home each and every night and that's just how I like it.

Ok, introduction (which may be unnecessary) complete, I spend my days listening to the radio, iPod, or whatever. I try to ignore the CB radio (ten-4 good buddy) only because most of my listening involves book radio or books I download to my iPod (love, love, love and some music, depending on my mood.This past week, I discovered some talk shows on my XM/Sirus radio. Satellite radio is cool because you can find content on here than you can't find on AM/FM . Usually on a channel that begins with the word "extreme" if you get my drift. .

My newest find is COSMO radio.  Ok, ladies, this is a channel that is just like the magazine. It is the chick version of the "Lex and Terry" show, the "Don and Mike" show or even Howard Stern. The hosts of the morning show are two chicks and a guy.... see a pattern here? The afternoon show is "Cocktails with Patrick" (love the twitter address ... "cocks_with_p").... and some night show I don't listen to because, well, it's night and I am putting my most profound thoughts on here along with some incredible art I devise of my photos... ha! I do have to admit to listening very closely to the guys on the shows to see if they are gay. Not that I care, but I have only listened to guy radio and I just don't know any guys who are interested in stuff chicks are unless they are figuring out how to ... well, you know...

Things I've learned this week

  1. Cougar (we all know what this means) now has a younger friend, Puma. A puma is a woman 30 -40"ish" before she becomes a Cougar
  2. Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab (big surprise) and wants the judge to apologize to her
  3. Miley Cirus is in a new movie (LOL no, that's the name of the movie, LOL, no, oh nevermind) and in it, she looses her virginity, does drugs and kisses girls.
  4. The new "thing" for guys is the "Manzillian" or the "Brozillian" (male version of the Brazillian wax) but the problem is while the esthatitian is 'defurring' the family jewels, these guys expect a 'spit and polish' before putting them back under cover. (Ewwww)
Ok, I know I learned some more incredibly unnecessary information, but I really was more interested in listening to the chick version of the 'guy shows' ... I noticed I did not have to listen to the hosts burp and fart during the discussions and there were no "Naked Jeopardy" games. No discussion of anal functions or unintelligible callers too dumb to say what they were calling for after waiting an hour on hold. Do they just get distracted and their attention span being so short they can't remember? 

I know that probably both of these kinds of shows sound puerile, but I do switch up to NPR for those great interviews with people who walk the world with no carbon footprint feeding the starving children in some African country and protesting how we (the US) are mistreating terrorists and the like. (I  enjoy shows like What Do You Know, Prairie Home Companion and This American Life.) Sometimes it is all too much and I change to music on XM or my iPod with my own eclectic music choices. 

But, without a doubt, the most important option coming from my speakers are books I download by my favorite authors. (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy is great, by the way) If you do try this, pay very strict attention to the narrator. They can make the book magic or put you into a coma.

I just finished a 12 hour grueling day and without my ra-did-e-o I would have gone nuts! Hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day and then, the weekend and I am looking forward to diving into the file folder from last weekend to make pretty pictures. 

Remember, for all the complaining about the summer we have had,
it will be like this again sooner than you think!
Until then, happy trails!


  1. Fun post! I can just see Dad and Papa getting such a kick out of you hanging out in your truck. Love the pic of it at the bottom of that hill. Composition and color is stunning! But Pa would be looking for mushrooms and smoking his stogie rather than listing to an audio book! As for the other pic...
    'Roo or Cole? Can't tell since they look so much alike!

  2. Hah! Yeah, I can see Pa smoking his stogie too.
    It's Cole last winter when we went to Tahoe.