Saturday, August 28, 2010

T - G - I - Stinkin' - F!

What a week! It must be the alignment of the planets or something because everyone I talk to has the same opinion. Either starting the kids to school, starting yourself to school, back to work after vacation or, like me, just going back to work after a weekend, everyone reports a long week and joy to see it's demise.

Personally, I did a bunch of 10 hour days and even one that was 12! The twelve hour day included an hour long aerobics workout with a shovel and mud lining the length of my dump box about 1.5 to 2 feet thick. It was more like a glue substance though.... Yuck, I don't even want to think about it!

My son, Jesse and his big girl who started K
this last week.
SO! The week is over and the weekend commences. I have two birthdays to celebrate in the next two days. My son-in-law and my little boy. BTW, my "little boy" is 33... not so little but he will always be that to me.
Two birthday boys... Jason (my son-in-law) and my
grandson, Radley ("B").

We have plans for a birthday bash next week for my youngest grandson. He is going to be 1 year old on the 11th! So I went over to Home Depot and got some color spots for my yard. I don't think I have shown off my yard here on the blog. It is my pride and joy!
The yard in May post edited to add color. Nice, huh?

Same time of year, but at night. Check out my solar lights.

I have spent many wonderfully relaxing and rewarding hours on making it the "Fairyland" I planned. It is generously strewn with solar lamps and at night it lights up as if we had fireflies in California!


I flaked on posting this last night so I am adding to it today. My son spent his birthday with me today helping me in my yard. We planted around my Buddha to enhance my Zen garden. He brought my g-kids with and they helped me plant until their cousin came to play. Then it was an all out bash at grandma's!
My Buddha and his flowers. Hopefully when they take root
they won't look so "just planted."
I pruned some stuff down from the summer which had bloomed out and added some more color to the yard for the party next week. The wind was crazy today and the neighbor's tree blew pounds of leaves into the yard as if it were fall. The trees are so confused with this weather we are having.

I also found a little time to work some magic on some of the photos I shot last weekend. This is the result.

Gold Hill Hotel, Room 7 view. Nice place to stay.

My attempt at poetry? Maybe I should stick to pictures.

Art version of an old Dodge tow truck. Kind of like 'Mater?

I am off to celebrate my hair stylist's one year anniversary of her shop. She is the one thing about my appearance that makes me feel young! I thank you for that, Candice. She is doing a fashion show at the Lemon Grass restaurant downtown Martinez tonight. It is going to be great! maybe I will take my camera and shoot some of her models. It is not like any fashion show you have ever seen. ... you'll see....

Don't know if I am going to be back at posting for a day or so, so happy trails, my friends. Hope you enjoy the photos I posted.


  1. Happy Birthday to all the boys! Can't believe 'Roo is 33 and the baby is already 1.

    Love the pix! I made the one you did of the shoreline in Mexico my wallpaper. Any chance I can get it w/o the quote and graphics? I'm not much for icons, but they get lost with the graphics. If not, I like it just the way it is!

  2. I just saw this and will send via email the original. I have it on my wallpaper as well.