Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Work Day From Hell

Ok, so I leave from home headed to work. The sun is just coming up. Barely. There is a layer of fog close to the horizon from whence it comes. It has a small gap. As I rounded the corner from my neighborhood the view I beheld was breathtaking. The gap allowed a brief but incredible blaze of color lighting every piece of stainless steel in the Shell Refinery. It was just a moment in time. Less than one minute passed and the fog filled the space and the color was gone. No camera of course. What a sight. I thought as I went down the road to work, "That's a sign of a great day" or maybe I should have said, "There's my first screw up... no camera ready to capture that mind boggling visual"....
The second thing, after getting to work and dealing with the beginning of a day, was this picture on my phone:

With the caption: Ha Ha, Neener, Neener, Neener... Luv Kim

Ok... "luv ya too, but..." I was no where near a BEACH! Kim is my good friend in "West Vagiany" (sorry folks, that's what we call it~) She is vacationing at Emerald Isle, NC and looking like having a great time! Then I went back to my struggle that was my day. 

It was hectic, confusing, dusty, hot, ~then I turned on my A/C and I was cold~ I got reprimanded (somewhat) for not reading this guy's mind and working ahead of his brain and put in 10 LONG stinking hours. I did not think it would ever end. 

Do you ever have "One of THOSE days?" I am seriously hoping tomorrow is not another...

On a more positive note, my kiddo and his family are home from their 2 week vacation to Sturgis, SD in an RV so I am happy to have my "baby birdies back in their nests" ~that's what I have always said when they are planted where they belong. 

Tomorrow night, I think we are doing the big family dinner so we can catch up, hug the grandkids and hear all the stories 2 weeks on the road produces. 

I am hoping to get a road trip soon so I have more material to work with photographically. Until then, here are a couple of my son's from his vacation.

Look, Fia! Buffalo in the road!

Buffalo at Yellowstone

Grand Canyon, Az

Until next time, hope everyone has a better day tomorrow than I did today! 

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