Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a Weekend!

We all know what stock we put in upcoming Saturdays and Sundays after a grueling week at work. Come Friday we are all, "Hot Damn! Two days off to do what ever I want! Sleep in, sit around in my sweats, work on home projects and and get that barbeque hot to go."

Yeah, well, it is tough to put four days of stuff into two but sometimes we get in the zone. I was close this weekend. We started with my garden project and thanks to my son (spending his birthday digging holes) and my g-kids helping and making me laugh it was pretty successful.

Then some time at my 'puter working on photos from last weekend. Check.

Now I headed to the shower to de-grime from the day. Party time at Lemongrass Bistro in Martinez to celebrate one of my favorite people's anniversary. One year at the new shop, Citrus Salon, my super talented hair designer, Candice Ferrogiaro, showed her unusual art

Candice ... You did good, girl!

(The following photos are from later in the evening. I am sorry that I did not get all the ladies names so I could post them here. Candice can help, but I will let her do that on her blog. I also did not get all the ladies as the place was packed and they were going a bit fast. - Gotta work on that for next time, Candice...LOL)

Citrus Salon tree and the Refinery with a poem and a heart.

Art concept. The top of her head has a bottle and paintbrushes
for the pallet of paint

Lemongrass concept
On the runway.

Celebrating the success of the show.

and shared the spot light with her friend and co-stylist at the shop, Tessa Rangel who made magic with her make-up talent and hair designs.

Marilyn, Tessa and Lorena Castillo.

Celebrating one year in business as well was Lemongrass Bistro run by Thong, Boun, Linda, and Becky Pheng.

These folks are classing up Martinez these days and are as personally involved in community efforts as any I have seen. here are some shots from the Fashion Show last night.

Tessa's make-up skills and, wait! Is that a champagne bottle pouring
into the glass? Oh Yeah!

My good friend Nicole and Jessic Rozek as the artist palate.

Love for the Art
Love for the Food
Love for the Music that makes us move
Love for this town with a mind of it's own
Martinez, California
This is Home
©Candice Ferrogiaro 

Lining up out front for a group shot.

This morning started off as one of those lazy 'cup o tea' mornings as I sat enjoying watching the birds at the feeder in the yard and glazing at my Zen garden-to-be. We got a great start on it yesterday but I have plans for more. ("of course," my husband says...)  Then we went on a trip over to the city to look at an old bike. That took a bit of time, but I took my trusty Nikon and Taaa Daaa.... got some good stuff! Hah!

The shovelhead we went to look at in SF today.

the SF Bay Bridge out the moon roof of the truck. Does this
make your neck stiff?

Home by 3:30 for dinner with the kids to celebrate Jesse and Jason's birthdays. Fired up the grill, put a killer filet minion roast (find one of those, if you can), oysters, shrimp skewers, baked potatoes on the grill and some excellent green beans my daughter-in-law made. Then she and my granddaughter put a carrot cake/cream cheese frosting alla Paula Dean for the birthday cake. Mmmmmm My little Sofia is going to be a great cook thanks to Mom and Aunt Tre. The dishwasher is running now, the back yard picked up, the old man is on the couch watching TV and I am sitting here telling the world (or at least my little world) what we did ~ as if you all want to know... ha!

Tomorrow starts it all over again... the waiting for Friday.... happy trails, my friends.

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