Wednesday, September 1, 2010

37 years later...........

37 years ago today I married my best friend and the love of my life. Was it worth it? Probably. I sure have done a lot with my life in that time. We raised 2 kids (in itself a feat) who have subsequently married and added 4 more babies to the mix. The grandkids are as wonderful as people always said. I did not think I was ready to be a "grandma" but heck, what are you gunna do?

Today to celebrate, we all went to work. I worked two jobs - split in half day here and half day there. He went to Oakland and worked all day and came back to town and hauled another load. Tired and hot, we escaped to the back yard, shoes shucked in the house, pant legs rolled up, lawn chairs set to shade and a garden hose in hand. Ahhhh, kick back time and destimulate from the day. Then my son and his wife came by on their way to my granddaughter's open house at her kindergarten and dropped my 5 year old Sofia and her brother, Cole (almost 3).
We made up some killer mac'n'cheese and hot dogs for dinner and played and wrestled in the back yard. We came up and read stories and Mom showed up. They had to go so I got lots and lots of lovin from both of them and off they went. (People say that's the good part but it is kinda bittersweet)

Now we are off to wash the day's grime off and set the alarm for another big day tomorrow.  All in all not a bad day ~ at least we survived. We are getting up there where that is kind of a success in itself. As for romantic dinner and a night of lovin' .... the Mac'n'cheese was good and as tired as we both are, spooning is good enough for now. After all, the weekend is coming, right?

It's almost the weekend again, people! Whoo Hooo! Happy Trails. 

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