Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pete Fecteau

I am so very sorry it has been so long since I have posted. My photos and such are being constantly posted to my Google+ account (here) or my Facebook Sometime the Magic Works fan page. I have been posting and blogging occasionally on my other blog site, Obsolete Iron but that's just mostly motorcycle stuff.
Life is weird. I have worked 2 days this year so far in the trucking business. I have taken a LOT of photos due mostly to the fact that I embarked on a "366" project - one photo a day for the year (and it's a leap year). The photos are average to pretty good so far. I am sure as the year progresses if I can hang, there's going to be some skunks in the woodpile. I am just hoping I will hold onto this project and see it to the end. Here's a couple of the better ones:
Tomcat from the Photo Walk on the USS Hornet

Record Album Cover for my little musician. It's a mock up....She's not on You Tube or anything.

Photo Walk to Home Depot Nursery

My wonderful Aunt Jo. One of the sweetest ladies on the planet!
Then, on top of all the photos and stuff involved in taking a picture a day - like the going places to find new stuff to shoot, my husband and I have started a new eating regime. It is focused on weight loss for now but also and very importantly, it is for eating healthier. I am as tentative about this diet as I am about my 366 project but we will see what kind of tenacity I can show in the coming months. 

Cherry Blossoms in Tapestry
We have adopted the guidelines for the Paleo Diet. That would be the Cave Man diet to some of you. Kind of an Atkins version of eating, mostly meat, veggies but also fruit and nuts. Whatever the cave man could hunt and gather cooked al'dente`... Lots of fish (because I love fish) and fresh veggies. Unlike the Atkins, some root veggies like orange yams and fruit after you loose the weight, although I am doing fruit now because I have to! I have lost around 15 pounds which means Mark has as well. Not really focusing on the scale, just watching myself melt to the point that my tight clothing is now loose. It's a pretty good feeling and I will probably hang in there for some time. The best part is that all the gluten is out of my diet and my joints - especially injured and healed bones that normally feel the barometric pressure rise - are free from pain and my energy level is increasing daily. Feeling so old and fat that I did not want to do anything, I am relieved that it was not my age, but my diet. I can't change the age thing (I am glad to age as the alternative is pushing up daisies) but the diet is easily done, with a mass amount of will power that I argue with daily - no, by the minute. I hope the advantages of this diet finally make my mind stop craving a doughnut or pie, but I'm sure it will be a life long battle.

Spaghetti Squash with my regular sauce and grilled Salmon

Paleo Veggie Chili without beans

Pecan Crusted Chicken, Mash Potatoes (Cauliflower) and Broccoli with Shitake Mushrooms and Bacon
You are now caught up on my happenings. I will try to update this more often but as it stands right now, changes are in store and who knows where the next month will take us? Keep posted.

In closing, I offer you this insight to a cool artist I found on the web. Here is his blog link. This man has made a mural from Rubiks Cubes. Check out this video from FOX news or look at his blog. Pete Fecteau.

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