Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring, Baseball and My Favorite Things

Hell Yeah! Go Giants!
Ok, fellow Giant's fans...
First spring training game in AZ was played yesterday afternoon. And what an afternoon it was! Temps around the 74 degree  mark, my back yard all to myself and the birds tweeting like a teenager at a rock concert. The game feed was only on internet - if you pay for the subscription - and AM radio... that would be KNBR home of the SF Giants Baseball Radio. No satellite feed - XM - which is usually where I find my broadcast. And here I am frantically looking for a radio from which I can get a signal on the AM band.

It was almost comical as I scrambled from room to room in my house to find the speakers that attach to my "boom box." All the while I was hoping that even though the last time I could not get reception, somehow the radio waves realigned in the universe and it was going to work this time. In the process of looking for the speakers; to which are still hiding in a closet or box in a corner somewhere, I found my old Sony Disc Man. You all remember these, right? Big round yellow case to put your CD and hook up to headphones for your personal stereo listening pleasure... It had a big strap you could wrap around your waist for jogging or working out at the gym. Weighs, like 2 pounds... yeah, obsolete is not even close. Tube type radios and these are almost on par with each other these days. BUT! It has an AM/FM radio too... Hah! I found it on top of a box of old cables and such I don't seem to be able to throw away. (Keep that in mind if you ever need an old printer cable.)

I put fresh batteries in my Disc Man and plugged an accessory cord into the earphone jack ... the other end to an old set of Creative speakers and FaShizzle! KNBR in it's full glory! I was rather irritated that I did not start looking earlier for the equipment to listen. It was already an hour into the game when I tuned in. But as I worked so hard looking for a radio, Someone upstairs was looking out for me because there had been a swarm of bees on the field which had delayed the game for some 45-50 minutes.

I proceeded to clean and prune my lovely back yard in the lovely warm temperature listening to the lovely sound of Mike Krukow announcing the game which ended in a score of 11-1 in favor of my absolute favorite BOYS OF SUMMER!
The game ended, my husband came home and my wonderful break on a perfect day evaporated in a wisp of fairy dust as if it had never been. But I knew better and despite proof of my efforts during the day, the trimmed and tailored look of my back yard, the gossamer and ethereal sounds of summer baseball on the radio drifted softly in my mind as I closed my eyes at the end of the day.

Life is good....

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