Sunday, September 12, 2010

Indian Summer in the Bay

I don't know how the weather is where you are but we are having an extension of our summer. The days are hot or mild and breezy. The trees are confused and my yard is scattered with leaves falling too early for our area.

The sun just slipped below the roof line of the neighbor's house and I am no longer looking into the bright light of the setting sun but put my sweatshirt on for warmth from the breeze that has kept the trees dancing all day. I am on light duty due to a pulled ligament in my knee and bored to tears. I even took a long nap to take up some of my day. And I never take naps - well, rarely....My daughter came down and mowed my lawn for me. She brought her son - my 3 year old grandson - and we played so I did get some entertainment. Everyone is treating me like an invalid. It sucks! We have a weekend outing next week that will require some walking so I am trying to be good to be better by then. This has been a 6 week injury so far and maybe, just maybe I can stay sedentary long enough for it to heal and be all better soon.

I changed the background music for fall but don't know if I can take it. Tell me what you think. Loose it, jazz it up, blues it down or what?

Some new stuff I have been working on follows. Until next time, happy trails!

Another dimension?

Poetic license with a blackbird

As my friend, Bob, said..."That's a Boobie!"


Chasing squirrels in Shakespeare's Rose Garden 

Birds at the feeder

Butterflies aren't free, they are captured at the
rain forest display at the Steinhart in SF

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