Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to Work .... again.....

I did really good this weekend "taking it easy" on my knee. I even stopped using my cane and limping. I was thinking maybe I am over the worst of this pulled ligament stuff. then I went to work today. Can't help it, we own our own business and it's tough to call in sick. And to tell the truth, driving a truck doing what I do, I spend most of my time sitting. I don't know if it's the angle of my air ride seat, the climbing up and down on the truck or just the sitting with my leg not stretched out, but by the time work ended today, I was back in pain. This is kind of a real problem for me. I can't not work, so I guess we are back to "pain management" again."Deal with it" "Cowboy up" and "Git'er done" seem to be my mantras these days. Oh well, I am sitting once again but this time I have my leg on a chair with an ice pack on my knee. Much better....

The birthday boys with Aunt Linda.

Yesterday, my sister had a mini-celebration for my two grandsons who are celebrating birthdays this month. She did a great lunch spread and we had cake and presents for the boys. Cole, who will be 3 tomorrow scored big. He got a scooter from his Aunt Tre and Grandma made sure he got all the safety gear that goes with it. Including but not limited to a Spider-Man Helmet!

Cole turning 3 tomorrow.
Radley just made the 1 year mark last weekend.

Cousins! Mac and Cole pose for me.

Makes me think they will be best buds when they grow up.

He so loves opening gifts. I always get such great faces!

Scooter, pads and bucket... with traffic control to his left.

Gotta love the Spidey Bucket!

I got some cool shots from the day including some of my sister's flowers. She has a great yard...

Begonia in my sister's back yard.
I love the colors!

One more to add, I was messing around with my Mexico pics and put this one together...


  1. You are so creative. I love all of it. The pictures and the music are wonderful. I want a picture of the Smith Family farm for my wall of Mac. Was that this year? We will have to take Lucas. TT

  2. That was last year. I told Em we need to go again this year. It was a great place for the kids. They even had a barn dance where the kids got to be in the jug band. Very fun!