Sunday, February 3, 2013

SMW 2013 Photo~Art Calendar

So much water under the bridge since I last posted. I spent the first part of the year (2012) on a photo per day project. In the process I ended up with some pretty nice shots of which I have now put into a calendar for 2013. I am posting a sample of the pages here. The calendar has just gone to print - I know, January is moot but oh well, I did not expect to have so many of the great people who purchased my 2012 calendar requesting not only another of the Obsolete Iron (choppers n stuff) but a photo~art calendar with some of my stuff from last year. I have gone through and chosen some of my favorite shots - it was a tough job to pick - and here are the copies of the pages so if you want to order one, you can! - An informed decision after viewing the pages, no less.
I will post a link to Paypal so you can easily order online soon. Keep watching for the link. I hope to be a little more active on the blog this year. Just trying to balance work, play, kids and art. It's a lot of balls to juggle but I'm going to try! ; )

SMW 2013 Photo~Art Calendar Sample Pages:

So there you have a sample of the art in my 2013 calendar. Stay tuned ... in a day or so I will have a paypal order link up. or leave a comment with your email address and I will contact you regarding delivery. Base price is $20 per calendar and the photos are frame quality matte finish. Thanks for looking in.

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