Monday, October 11, 2010

Oysters, Motorcycles and Iron Monks

So it's Monday. That just sucks! Sorry, but it does! I had such a great weekend, I did not want it to end. I have got to stop hanging out with retired people. There is no room for retirement in my life or even as an option. As my husband says, "When you die, you can rest." Yeah, thanks. Great... Get up, go to work...

RIP my friend. You are missed.
We went on a motorcycle ride yesterday. That's probably the root of the problem. When I ride, I always hate to go home. We used to go on rides for a weekend or more, and when we got back in town, go to a friend's house to hang out so officially we were not done with our trip. We had a favorite hang out or two but time moves on, people aren't there, or, like one of our favorite spots, the front porch at Todd's, well, let's just say he is "resting" now. *very sad face* ...  Dang, how did I do that? Great day yesterday and all and now : - (  ... ok, *deep breath* starting over....

Oysters were the goal of the day Sunday. We started out in downtown Martinez at 9:30. Chris led us on a merry chase with a bunch of motorcycles down Highway 4 to Richmond Parkway, across the Richmond/San Rafael bridge and on to his folks house for their annual Iron Monks Coastal Oyster Run and BBQ. Great ride!, great people and incredible weather. Shirtsleeve stuff in October - gotta love livin' in California!
We had a mess of bikes and showed up right on time to George and Louise's house ready to go hunting oysters. Louise had some morning snacks, coffee and some adult beverages for those that wanted and we re-grouped with even more bikes and participants to snake the turns between Marin and Tomales Bay.


At a stop at the Old Western Saloon, evidently a world renowned establishment, we joined the ranks of dignitaries and celebrities who have graced this old bar with their presence. You can see, even Prince Charles and George Dub-ya were here. ~well, not yesterday, but still....WE were there!

Hog Island Oyster Co. got our money for the oysters - 250 little buggers snuggled tightly and well bagged into the saddlebags of two of the bikes... That's kind of why I think this is a "bagger" run....

We normally shop at the Tomales Bay Oyster Co down the road but man, there was a LOT of people out yesterday. I think this is the first place we could find room to park off the road.

 Bad Bob's group and headed back to Martinez area with their slippery little buggers (and the oysters too...) and we headed back to the BBQ at George and Louise's house.

The bikes lined up in front and everyone surrounded the grill out back anxiously awaiting the first of the grilled oysters with horseradish and hot sauce in our greedy mitts. Louise added to the menu with some great potato salad, baked beans with pineapple chunks, chips, dip, salsa and more chips and plenty of stuff to drink. I don't think anyone went home hungry.

I clicked a few photos, not as many as maybe I should have, but I kept getting off track of recording the event and just played with some stuff.

Here's the fun stuff:
My son's new ride. Sweet, huh?

One shot short of Kessler and the morning has begun.

Can you say "Partay!" Duff?

Many thanks for the invite, Chris, George and Louise. We had a really great day. Remember, next time you are in town, Louise... My Deck! Beverages and Bull....

Have a good week, my friends. Happy Trails till we next meet....

That's my bike in the front of the building. And yes, look close, it actually says "NO BARKING" on the wall behind.


  1. Did you ever have one of those days when everything went so right that you couldn't believe it? Well, George and I did on Sunday when we hosted the annual Oyster Run! We counted 19 bikes and about 30 riders. Good friends! Good weather! Good oysters! And, thanks to Pat, lots of good photos! - Louise

  2. Should have been more... maybe next time I will make sure and get everyone in a shot! I know I missed some folks. Fun Times!