Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Witchy Woman. A Photo Shoot

Not long ago, I was asked by my friend and hair aficionado to meet up with her and a friend to do a photo shoot for her girl's modeling portfolio. I have not done this for quite some time and was a bit nervous of the results. As it ended up, both Candice and I shot - she can do ANYTHING!, hair, photos, art, gardening... the list is endless! We set up the first of our shots at a local antique shop's upstairs loft and from there went to the cemetery - yeah, where else, huh? Here are some of the shots that I got. Through the magic of Photoshop, there are some nice effects. The model's name is Andrea Bernard. Candice can be contacted at Citrus Salon in Martinez.

( I wanted to rant about the traffic situation I dealt with today. But.... we all know what asses people will be on the road. Where did common courtesy go? Not any here in Contra Costa County!)

So anyway, I am posting photos instead. Dig these...

This is Candice. ... and her chairs.

See? Now I feel better and am ready to slug it out with those bitchy friggin soccer moms in their death defying mini-vans. All I know for sure is my horn is WAY louder than their stupid "beep beep" horns. Ha Ha... I WIN!

Peaceful and Happy Trails, my friends. Hasta Later!

Photos by Pat Jordan ©Sometime the Magic Works 2010 All Rights Reserved

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