Sunday, September 26, 2010

Long time .... No See.....

It has been awhile since I last posted. I had spent some time at work with a tablet and pen writing about my last weekend, but it seems rather insignificant now as yet another weekend full of fun stuff is ending. I can probably summarize it with some brief comments and some ~yeah, surprise, surprise, surprise ~ pictures! Hah!!

Last weekend entailed a "dry camp" celebration up along the coast with the Too Much Fun Club. It was their 10th annual coastal run. The weather was forecast to be inclement, meaning foggy and drizzle with a touch of rain. The guys were taking the bikes and I could not fathom camping in those conditions without all of our gear which meant someone was going to drive the truck with all the stuff. I volunteered and it ended up that my husband and I drove. That worked for me (caught a nap right after Guernville).  We arrived about a half hour ahead of the bikes and when they all showed up, set up camp. I did not take my camera out until the next day, so I will fill in with some photos by my son, Jesse and his friend, Chris. I will finish with the pictures. Hope you enjoy. Tomorrow I will try to catch up with stuff from this weekend. Happy Trails!

This is our campsite

From the left edge, Mark, Trevor (back), George, and Jesse. Hanging around camp

Saturday, let the games begin! This is actually the second game.
The slow motorcycle race was before but this one is really something...
 They called it the Chariot Race. Check this out!

Dedication to dirt!

The riders were drag racing with guys having to grab the tire they were towing.
If you did not cross the line first with a guy on the tire, you were disqualified.
This was the dirtiest of the dirty!

For the ladies, they had what they called "Spud Wrestling" What a person will do for a buck!

Actually, there was a potato with a star on it ~ Renee' found it and won $25!

Kind of basic, but can't forget the Horseshoe tournament!

Two of the ladies on a scooter. But really, took this for the reminder of what a dry camp means.

Jesse was tending bar on Friday night for a bit

This is Jesse's buddy, Chris's dad, George. We had a great time! He humbles me with his energy!
Freyd Brothers played Saturday night. Great MUSIC!

Doc and Mark bartending on Saturday night

Chris and friends at the party Saturday night

Me and Mark finishing our great meal. I think that night was
grilled sausages and beans and salad.

Come on, Jesse... I mean, really? You want to take my picture again???
Don't really know what Renee' was thinking, but that came to mind when I saw this one.

This is the food and vendor area. I marked the buildings.
The bar is under the tree to the left. It is really cool.

Washoe House near Santa Rosa the ride was wet (well, I was in the truck and dry)
but we dropped in to take a short break and headed home.

It was a really fun but extremely dirty weekend. I hit the shower the minute we got home and spent the rest of the week ringing water from our tent and camp gear. I have some more to put away, but mostly it's done. A lot of work, but well worth the fun. Thanks to the club for all your hard work, to our camping companions for the stories we will be telling around the fire night for years to come and to the Lord for the weather that made this one to really talk about!

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