Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My First Photo Walk ... following the yellow brick road

Last Friday, I got off work and as I am prone to do, was perusing the various social networks I use. On my Google+ page, there was an invitation to join in on a photo walk in the city. Never having done one of these before, I was hesitant. I figured first and foremost, my sweet husband would not want me to go alone and I was curious if I could find someone to go with me on such short notice (3 hours from the time I read the post). Secondly, never having done one of these things, not knowing what to expect, what level of expertise was expected of me and who would be walking the Haight/Ashbury district in San Francisco along with me... it was all just a bit much.

Low and behold, when the Big Kahuna rolled in the driveway just a few minutes from the onslaught of this internal debate, he suggested he go with me and we take the bike. Win/Win!!
Sunset at Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco

Long story somewhat short, we were off to the city through the reverse commute and Friday night traffic. Not too bad, we showed up on time. I did not know anyone there but had heard via the posts on Google+ that the photog from whom I was taking "Webinar" HDR classes last spring was going to make an appearance. I doubted I would ever meet this guy. His name is Trey Ratcliff (here's his photo site) and he does some of the most beautiful photos. Take a minute to look. He has an instruction web site (Stuck in Customs) where he shares most of what he knows about this version of post-processing. Fascinating guy...
People snapping shots everywhere. Trey is the guy on the left facing the crowd.
We were off wandering the street - 30 plus - and people kept looking for the celebrity. I was trying to figure out what they were talking about but with 30 or more photographers equipped with multiple cameras, tripod, lenses and the like, we looked like a band of traveling paparazzi. The weather that night was incredible. A fall shirt-sleeved clear evening in the city! Wow...

A couple on the bus as I was setting up a shot across the street.
We shot up one side of the street, crossed and shot down the other side. Taking in restaurants, shops, head shops, vintage shops, leather shops, you name it... some of which I was not sure of the focus! So I got all these great photos, met some really nice photographers and met Trey. Regular guy and all! Then, as I had not eaten (Mark snagged a piece of pizza while I wandered the street) - we rode off to the other side of town and had a great dinner at Eddie Rickenbackers. Always nice to go there. Home by midnight and up at 4 the next morning for work. I was tired, but really happy...

This weekend I am off to an antique motorcycle show ~ in the city again.. I am sure you will be seeing more stuff from me then. Until next time we meet, Happy trails.
Oh, and if you want to see the album with all the shots from the night, just click here.

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