Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Latest Project - A Costume for Fia

Last Thursday I got done at work early. I did the grocery thing and put away the goodies. Then.... I jumped in with both feet! My granddaughter asked me a week or so ago if I would make her a witch costume for Halloween. I had already gone to the fabric store and put all the stuff together waiting for the moment. Thursday morning the moment was upon me.

I have been sewing stuff since I was big enough to reach the control arm on my mom's old sewing machine. It was the kind in the cabinet with the leg lever. I had to be able to sit at the chair and control the power. I don't really know what age I was when I achieved that feat, but it was one of the coolest moments in my early life. You see, my mom was an excellent seamstress and she passed that on to her girls. Whether we were "so poor" she had to make our clothes or it was just what we did in those days, the pleasure of cutting a bunch of pieces of fabric and sewing them together to make wearable clothing has always been a joy for me. My sister, Theresa is the best of us. She can whip up any article of clothing in short order and it looks great! I got involved with quilting when we were in Montana thanks to my neighbor and good friend, Dixie. Those were good times as well. I have some frustrated memories but mostly, when I drag my trusty old Pfaff sewing machine out, I feel accomplished and nostalgic remembering the times I have spent sewing and the time I learned from my mom the art of sewing.

My husband bought me this machine I use when Jesse (my 33 year old son) was 3. It was state of the art and very expensive for that time but I patched his work clothes and made curtains for our many rental homes and stuff to wear or sleep in with my great grandmother's old treadle machine. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is a machine with NO electricity. It has a belt attached to a treadle on the floor that you rock back and forth and it turns the belt to make the machine work. I was perfectly happy with this - not because we were unable to afford a better machine, but because it was my great grandmother's and because when I got it, I had to completely revamp it. I did it all myself and bought the parts and all. I made it work and it worked well. I just did not have a 'zig-zag' stitch to finish ends that would fray. So, one day - one of the very few times I can remember him ever surprising me - my husband brought home this machine. It was love at first sight and I have never looked back at the old machine, then retired to become a flat surface upon which to set books or something. I had to get one of the gears fixed a year ago but other than that, this machine has performed in an exemplary fashion! I looked into replacing it when I took it in to have repaired, but nothing even in today's market can match the dependability and endurance of this machine.

So, as I said, I jumped in with both feet. I cut the fabric, started sewing and kept on sewing until some time today. Of course, with time off for some work and play with the grandkids, sleep and that other stuff life puts in your way when you have a great project on your table. As of this afternoon, I finished the hat and my beautiful granddaughter came over and tried it on.

Perfect! and be aware, friends.... she makes an excellent witch! Don't cross her or she will put a curse on you! Hah! Happy Trails, friends. Until we meet again.....

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