Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Day to Play

I started out my day this morning in Walnut Creek at the Camera West store. I love that place! These are some super helpful guys. I have an old bracket for my flash but it worked with the old film cameras. The hot shoe (the place the external flash slides in) was wrong for my new wazoo flash so they helped me retrofit this favorite bracket for my digital camera. Then I went over to Nordstrom's for a watch I sent in for repair. I walked around the shops for awhile. It began to rain so I picked up a couple of things I was in town for and stopped at Starbucks and in the spirit of the season, grabbed a couple of Peppermint Mochas for the valet guys. They were very appreciative and I felt like I started the season off right.

I came home and headed over to my son's house to play with the new setup on my grandkids and maybe in his garage with all his toys. I got some cool stuff. Even the chickens were out to forage. All in all, it was a successful day. I wonder what tomorrow holds. Happy Trails, people.

Cole following in Daddy and Papa's footsteps

Boys and their toys...

Hangin' out in the garage


Jesse and Renee'

Baaahhk Baaahhk ...Bye

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