Sunday, November 7, 2010

Post Halloween Blues

The best part of the last couple of weeks, excepting the joy of grandchildren, of course, was the Boys of Summer (AKA SF GIANTS) winning the world series! Go Giants. I have been so ecstatic over that win, it was such a disappointment to not have any baseball to watch after it was over. Granted the most I watched, or heard that is, during the regular season was in my truck at work during day games, but my good friend Lisa - who is the most avid Giants fan EVER - and I, decided it was best for me to abstain as when I did view the game, the team lost. Sort of a jinx, you know?
Now the curse must be lifted and my enjoyment of the post season games was incredible perhaps due to earlier abstinence and the fact that the team played awesome! What a ride!

On with life and the season. I posted the Halloween pics the other day so if you missed them, keep scrolling. This last weekend I put in a Saturday at work so my husband and son could spend the time to work on my kid's Panhead. They cut the neck apart and changed the rake on it to change the front end. I got to play with my camera and post production software so I will post a couple of pics here. This week it all starts over. Yay! for us... we are working and that is a big deal in our world today.

I was not very happy with the outcome of the elections. Without getting into politics, there may be some major changes in our lifestyle and business with the new administration. The turn to "green" is all good to some extent. Unfortunately, the sacrifice is going to cost jobs and livelihoods for many people. Thoughts going into restrictions and regulations in the transportation and manufacturing industries seem to be disregarding the individuals who deliver a product or service, their jobs, the people who receive the end product and everyone in between. Anyway, I can't start or I won't quit. Needless to say, I am concerned for all of us.

So until next we meet, Happy Trails!

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