Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Week and More to Learn

I will be excited to see how my next week goes. I start photo classes at DVC this Tuesday. I don't know how it will work out, having never taken a class in Photoshop before, but I am jumping in with both feet. I have signed up for an intermediate class after some discussion with the instructor. I am unsure of my knowledge level, being self-taught. I think there may be snippets here and there I have skipped over and there-in lies the rub. I guess I will find out soon. On that note, let me tell you about my epiphanies for the week:

  • I learned that my gardeners did way more than I thought. Although they only stayed a few minutes every other Monday, they must have found the stuff it has taken me a year to find. I spent the weekend filling not only my green waste bin, but my son's and half of my neighbor's. 
  • In saying that, the obvious next lesson I learned after 3 days of yard work is I am not in the best of shape but surprisingly, not in the worst. My neck hurts but my back feels remarkably good considering the amount of bending and stretching I did.
  • Also on my list of the week, I learned that no matter how often you save your work on a computer, somehow an important step will be lost at some point when the evil demon decides to freeze up.
  • Two king crab legs and a baked potato are enough to make me feel stuffed and very uncomfortable.
  • My grandsons are the very best kind of people in the world. (probably would include my granddaughter too, but she was at her friend's this weekend)
  • Sunshine and temps in the high 60's in January is a gift from God for which I am forever grateful

As this Thursday approaches, I find myself a bit sad that the anniversary of my birth is in the high fifties. Though, without my family and friends it would be much more depressing. In fact, I am celebrating being alive all this time and actually making it to see another year. I visited with my Aunt Freda today... she is 87 and if I could have half as much energy as she does, I would be a lucky woman! What a role model she is. She actually dances like 5 nights a week at various Senior Centers... heck, she probably knows how to breakdance and the latest hip hop moves!

We start another week with all kinds of opportunities. Learning, growing (older) and basking in the warmth of a sunny day in the dead of winter. Life is amazing. Happy trails, friends. 

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