Thursday, January 6, 2011

Burrr.... I Was Warmer in Montana at 17 below!

I went to Nordstrom's today (yay!) ~ about 5 miles away ~ and the sun was shining. I came back home to fog. Cold, wet, really cold fog. What the heck? I have not been warm for the last week! It has finally stopped raining. That's after about 3 weeks of rain and they say on the weather report we are supposed to have sun. Yeah, right! I'm freezing! That's the best part about being in the truck - the heater on full blast in a small area - but I have not been working so I just bundle and layer and throw a blanket over me and take hot showers to thaw out my feet. Heck, my Uggs aren't even working any more.
But I struggled through it today to get to the marina for some shooting time. I was there for a couple of hours and logged 330 photos. That's only because I am working on some HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. It takes 5 shots in varied exposures sandwiched together to make a shot with highs and lows. That's a very simple explanation but it takes less time and most people don't really care "how" just "what". I have posted them below this post. Suffice to say, 5 shots per final product means a lot of pictures. I got some nice stuff after processing and am only posting a couple that I thought were pretty cool. I have much more work to do.
It would be nice to go somewhere scenic but I need to stay close to home in case work calls so I am doing what I can. My house is clean - I got it all straightened up before 7 this morning - and I have been diligently working on my photos. I start a photography class in a couple of weeks so I am working on a bunch of stuff that I was previously unfamiliar with. Then I get bored with that and go back to stuff I like to do most. The HDR process is fun and the results are unique so that is one of my favorites. It takes something I took for granted as being blah and zings it up. I will be posting through the week as I finish processing.
Ok, here's hoping that sun will finally shine through tomorrow and I will be warm again. Warm, happy trails, people. Think summer evening thoughts for me ~ it can't come too soon if you ask me. Global Warming...bah!

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