Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, SOS

Same old shit for the new year. I am struggling with tech help through Roxio at the moment. I already dealt with "Peggy" at the level one tech help and was unresolved. I am now waiting for level two. ~ since December 26th!!! If I ran my business like these people, I would be pushing a shopping cart on the street and sleeping under a bridge! What a bunch of crap! They want you to pay up front for a product and when something goes wrong, there is no one, well, only 'virtual' people to help. No phone, no live tech assistance that you can find although they say it's there, no response to their email tech people except non-reply machine generated statements that your request is out there, somewhere in the void of the world wide web.

My advice to you all out there, DON'T BUY FROM ROXIO!!!

On a positive note, my photo stuff is coming right along. I have posted some photos below that I worked on for the last week. What do you think, folks?

I will get back to writing later on. I am just so steamed over this software issue, I am ready to pop! So I don't think I should keep going. It will just be a rant....

Happy friggin trails, folks.... (see? ♥)


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