Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh the First Day's Here of the Old School Year!

Ok, now I can learn waaaaay more. Because I started a Digital Image Design class at DVC last night. That means we take photos and process them with the computer in Photoshop (CS5) (YAY) ... All the stuff I thought I knew will now be put to test ... here are the first of my lessons:

  • The classroom is on the other side of campus from where I was camped out in a room with the same number in the wrong place...
  • being 4 minutes late to class is kind of a big deal, I think he started early.
  • I think I am the oldest person in the class. Does that make me the wise and experienced photographer or just the old goofy broad?
  • I will have to complete four projects including a calendar in the class - I guess you know what you're getting for Christmas this year.
  • I have to get on the web and dust off some old tricks so I can be up to speed with the beginning of the class. It may not mean much to some of you, but I have always avoided channels and grey scale. Now I have to master it.  
  • I had to tell my husband why I have 3 guy's numbers and email from the class.... the teacher thinks that rather than question him, we need to discuss issues and questions and what we might have missed with a fellow student first before coming to him... What's he there for again??? : - )
Well, there you have it. I looked through the text and know most of the info in the book. I am sure that there is at least 25% more to learn from there and maybe more. I am going to process a photograph today and put it in a folder and then do it again after this class is done. We will see if there is a marked increase in knowledge and ability to make it better. 
I have to go .... got some studying and school stuff to do... wow I have homework... I feel younger just for that! Hah! Happy Trails folks.

(did not have time to proof this... excuse my mistakes....)

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