Monday, January 17, 2011

What I learned last week.

I have been remiss at posting lately. I don't think the concept of "making 2011 my Bitch" is working out well for me. I have been struggling with a head cold for a little more than a week. It is just hanging in there like the valley fog we are suffering from. The sun is shining less than 5 miles from here, but we are just in the right place for this to hold on all day. Just about when it is thinning out, the day is almost over and the fog rolls back in from the valley. I went out looking for cool stuff to photograph today and just when I found an area, the sun broke through and there went my lovely country scene.

So I had this idea yesterday for my blog this year and I am going to see if I can make it work. Who knows? I may be ready for a breakthrough in blogging. Something has to be better than the drivel I have been posting lately. You are at the beginning of something.... well....something .... new and cool? We'll see.... Here goes:


I learned

  • That no matter how hard you try or how many vitamins you take, having little petri dishes in the form of curtain climbers (no matter how adorable) will get you sick eventually.
  • that you should never start the year by naming it your "Bitch" because then you have 365 days for it to turn on you and kick your sorry butt down the street and back.
  • that "counting chickens before they are hatched" is not just an old saying... wait until you get that car before you post it on Facebook.
  • that despite my insistence to the contrary, I can't spend a week solid in my house without getting out to at least the grocery store.
  • that summer can not get here too soon for my taste.

The squirrels are chirping at me for working them overtime on the crank for this thing so I am calling it good. I feel accomplished. I got the new logo done, the design changed for the month and even some new drivel down for the blog. Hopefully I will learn some cool new stuff by the end of the week.

My Papa always said if you did not learn something new every day, it's not worth getting out of bed! Happy Trails, folks....

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