Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I learned this week so far...

  • that not flossing for a little as 3-4 days while you are sick will deposit hard plaque between your teeth... and I was doing sooooo good!
  • that entering USA to Japan and asking for directions in a Google Map search will tickle your funny bone when you get to steps 31 and 34 in the directions. Try it! (especially if you like to kayak).
  • that I can actually go 3 days without washing my hair if I am not out in the dirt and grime of my normal work atmosphere... and the flat iron is not really my enemy at that point... huh!
  • that taking an anti-anxiety pill for an attack and then getting a migraine headache makes you trip on the "sparkles" and vision loss and although the pain is there, you don't really care that much. - of course I took my Motrin for the headache so it did go away quickly, as I washed it down with a strong cup of tea for the caffeine.
  • that according to "experts" a busy background on your blog site detracts from onlookers who are confused by all the designs and "clutter" but in the meantime I really like my new background, so basically "deal with it" is the thought of the day....
  • that the lack of reading glasses will make almost every word misspelled or unintelligible.
  • that a book and some little tiny car toys will make an almost 4 year old very happy.

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