Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today is The Day


  • Learning something new
  • doing better at what you already do
  • telling someone how much you love them
  • making a life-changing decision regarding your future
  • finishing that project you have been putting off
  • finally cleaning your bathroom behind that stinky toilet
It can be a daunting task, I know. My tiles on the floor in my bathroom slide around when I clean them and I absolutely HATE doing it, but I know that it won't be fixed any time soon so I just have to get in there and do it. Having two 3 year olds just learning to pee in the toilet and missing on a regular basis makes it a bit worse, but imperative that it gets done, you know?
I am trying to follow my passion in photography what with taking a class in Digital Imaging and taking as many pictures as time permits, editing and posting them as I do. I am trying to make something of it. My plans include making some prints to frame and display in some downtown shop windows as well as donating one to the silent auction at my grandson's pre-school fundraiser. It's not really hard except following through all the steps to production on the web or on paper so I push myself to realize the end product from the start.
I have been toying with the quit smoking thing and hope that this time is the time it works 100%. I know I am human and I slip, but have been admonishing myself for a lack of will power and an abundance of excuses. This may be my day!
I made one tile for my table downstairs at a local craft store and need to make more. The price and the time have left me hanging to do this. I think if I have time after my morning "on call" period ends, I may pack up my stuff and head over there. Problem is, my art work sucks so I need my artist to come with me. Don't know if that's going to work or not.
So I learned from my morning goal setting session:

  • sometimes it works and sometime you have to face reality
  • as long as you have a plan and know you are accomplishing parts of it every day, it's ok not to finish 
  • Then again, the phone rings and as I am "on call" I end this and say ... tomorrow could be the day as well.  Today, I need to do my real job and buy the beans and potatoes..
Happy trails, folks and don't forget to make a plan. Because, sometime, the magic works!

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  1. Great script, Pat! Now I get it...Today is the day! Considering the alternative...I'm doin' alright! I always enjoy your blog and photos, "Your Magic Does Work!" Sue