Sunday, August 8, 2010

Graffiti Art for my project

What a nothing day. I slept till 10. Then took a nap at noon till 3. I NEVER do that! I feel like I wasted precious time sleeping. The dreams were vivid. Somewhere between getting off a ship near the statue of Liberty and wading through trash and bush to see vividly colored walls of graffiti. I think I overstimulated my poor brain.
I did spend some time today on my graffiti art project. This is my first shot at post production. I have not had much to eat today so maybe that is part of it. This bowl of cookie dough is barely even touched.
After all my work yesterday, I found out that I had a wrong name for my mother-in-law's father and went in an entirely different direction that I should have. Now with that being corrected and all that chasing of documents lost, I am on the correct path and making slow but accurate progress back in time.

I have more photos of the graffiti stuff to post so I will save room for that and just shut up now.

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