Friday, August 6, 2010

Some Old Stuff and Some New Stuff

First, let me say all the complaining about the lower than normal temps we are experiencing here does not pertain to me. I like it. Who needs to be hot? All the rest of the country is suffering but somehow we are spared. I had a friend tell me he just got back from Tennessee and it was in the 90's with 100% humidity. Does anyone here in California know what that is like? It's like living in a sweaty arm pit! No thanks!
Ok, that being said... My cousin Belinda came by last night with some photos she found in an old box. One is of a house "I was born in" so it says. I am not sure if that would be my Great Uncle Dario, or maybe my Auntie Ann. Look and see, family historians.
The next is of a soldier in WWI attire. The back reads, "Just returning from the armory and from duty, Sept. 15, 1918"  It is addressed to John G Bartolomei (my great grandfather) from Private A.J.Bartolomei Camp Johnston, Fla.
According to my family history, Antonio Bartolomei (Tony), son of Giuseppe and Caterina, died in 1918 or there abouts of the "Influenza Epidemic while serving in the Army during the first world war."
I am guessing this photo must be him because my grandfather, A G Bartolomei (according to my Aunt Jo) did not serve - he was just 18 about the end of WWI. In looking through the family history (compliments of cousin, Cecil Bartolomei) the only male of that age with the first initial 'A' would be Tony. (I think that would make him Lois' uncle)
OK...Belinda the mystery is solved! And it is very interesting as well as sad that this photo (if I am right about the identity) may possibly have been the last one taken of A J Bartolomei.
You know, I put this folder away that we all got from Cecil at the 1996 family reunion. Glad I kept it where I could get to it~ It just came in handy!

Well, go outside now and enjoy the fine weather we are having! The sun is just peeking through the fog or whatever it is out there. I need to go water before it shines on my roses. I will take some pics of the flowers soon. The weekend is just ahead and Dave's Bocce Tournament is tomorrow. Hope you all have fun! I may just go ride my motorcycle. Life is too short, enjoy every day!

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