Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sometime ... My First Blog

I did this once already and even saved it, but alas, like all things computer, it is lost in space.
About me: I am an avid photographer who likes to take lots of pictures and do cool stuff with them. I do "regular" untouched photos but like to experiment with all the options available to make them different. I am always looking for that "un-shot angle" so my picture of the Golden Gate Bridge is different from all the same-old, same-old.
I started taking pictures in 6th grade with a box camera - wow! don't ask how long ago that was.... In high school I took pictures for the school newspaper and worked my way after into a job at a local camera shop - mostly for the discount on equipment - and ended up with 3 Nikon bodies, assorted lenses and a fully equipped dark room. The latter I moved from house to house setting up in closets and spare rooms so I could work my magic on paper with lots of different solutions.
My husband and I were into riding motorcycles (I ride my own Harley these days) and I got the opportunity to take many pictures of the lifestyle. This was in the 70's so the stuff I got was very "vintage" to say the least.
Having kids refocused the lens to children in pictures and has evolved as it would to grandkids today. I am very prolific at adding to my photo files and am excited each time we return home with a card full of images to sit down and download and once again, "work my magic" on the pictures.
I am shooting with a Nikon D-300 these days (no film to waste) and post producing with Adobe Photoshop CS3, some plug ins and Photomatix for HDR images.
I am always ready to take comments, especially the ones that will make my pics better so leave your opinions and creative suggestions below.

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  1. The photos below do not include my lovely sweet daughter. I have to note that because she wanted to know where the shot of her on the rocking horse was.... P-) Sorry Em....