Friday, August 20, 2010

Thinking of Mexico

We went to Puerto Vallerta in April. I have been thinking about the beach today. Thanks to my friend Kimmie, I am thinking more about beaches than usual. - some "Sons of Beaches" too...

Here is a compilation shot I did from our trip. The Day of the Dead skeleton with the blue hat now adorns my daughter's forearm in tattoo version. It actually turned out nice. (If you are into that kind of thing)

Since starting this blog last night, we got some bad news. At 3 am this morning my son was woken to a sheriff officer pounding on his door. He lent his bike to a friend who broke down in Sturgis (my son had trailered his to South Dakota and exchanged the broke down bike for his).  Last night at 9 pm, his friend got in an accident in Arizona.We don't have any details as yet.
Prayers are requested.

No work for today.. I think this is the first time I have actually worked the same as my crew. Usually 4-10's means I get a chance to do a different job on Friday but everyone we have been working for took today off. So, I am going to take my granddaughter shopping for school clothes. She starts kindergarten next week. This is the trip I looked forward to all summer when I was a kid. New clothes for school! Usually it was those gawd-awful oxfords. Not the cute ones, the really clunky ones that no one but me and my sisters had to wear. Then we got some other stuff (the fun part) but more often we got new uniforms. Yup, I was one of those uniform wearing Catholic school girls! Only the one with the ugly shoes... hah!  This is a shot of my first school dress I remember buying. You can't see the shoes, but trust me. White oxfords - the hardiest pair they had. ~made to last through the year! And boy, did they ever! 

Have a good day all and please, keep Hamo in your thoughts and prayers today. 
Happy Trails....

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