Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer's End? Fall Beginning?

Cole and Mac last year hunting for a pumpkin.

That's my year old grandson, Radley in the pumpkin patch!

I have pics of last year's pumpkin pickin' with the kids out at the Smith Family Farms in Brentwood. My granddaughter told me today she wants to be a witch for Halloween. That's quite the change from the pretty princess from last year. We are going shopping for fabric so I can make it for her. Black and blue with brown flowers. This is going to be fun!

Our pumpkin carvings for the year.

I can't believe it is already that time of year. The summer - what there was of it -went by so fast. We did not really do much traveling. Not any of what we are used to, at least.

We celebrate a bunch of birthdays around now but September is saved for Mark (Papa), Cole and Radley. We have done one of the three celebrations so far with at least one more to go.

The same kiddo as above in the pumpkin patch! Wow how they grow.

Mac and Cole playing biker in my living room

I really don't think the big guy is interested in a party. He's just happy making it to the next year.

The Big Kahuna (does that translate to Grumpy?)

Evidently some of  my kids never grow up and still like to play with loud toys. My son recently purchased an old bike to restore or maybe just ride as a rat bike. Who knows? As long as it runs it follows the prime directive: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Boys and their toys!

She won't be on the back for long. This girl is destined
to ride her own!

Time to get ready for a new week. Happy trails, people....

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