Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rain, Catching up on December, and Renewing Certifications

December is seeming to move on without my knowledge. I got up all the decorations, I am working on Christmas cards and my daughter and I are getting our holiday baking done so I can deliver the end of the week. We may be early for this one, but I still have sewing to do and more cards to get out so I don't think I should procrastinate. I want at least a week to enjoy it being Christmas and then the New Year.

Our tree this year...
I started early on my resolutions. I have been known to puff the occasional cigar... actually more than occasionally and not the big ones, either... the little ones... so it's like smoking for real. Well I am working at not doing this anymore. Does that mean I quit? Yeah, probably. But I just did it to see if I could and now that I know I can, well who the hell knows? I will tell you this. If I quit and Nostradamus is right and the end of the world is next December 21, 2011... well am I ever going to be pissed!

This time of year, we have to renew site safety requirements at the refinery and of course along with that, our safety certification that comes up every 2 years is due this year. That puts us in safety class for an hour at the plant and (because we should have re-upped our certification in September) eight hours in BATC class. Tomorrow my son and I do the eight. arrgh! Then we are done for at least a year as long as we don't have to be badged at another refinery for work...

Heather's 4 Layer Luscious Pumpkin Cake
(Recipe on link above to The Imperfect Perfectionist  )

Been reminiscing past holidays lately and looking for photos from the same. Not many of those left since the tweekers stole them from the storage, but I found some in a folder the other day and scanned them. I am still working on my personal Christmas cards. I have not found the "magic" shot for them, although I am diligently working on it. Guess I need some inspiration...

I will be here, baking, sewing, blogging, photographing, and working so drop a line when you feel the urge and have a wonderful week. Happy Trails.

Dancing to the singing fish. Don't Worry, Be Happy!

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  1. Oooo, that pumpkin cake looks soooo good!