Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday ~ Two Weeks till Christmas

It's almost time. Who out there is actually ready let alone in that "Christmas Spirit?" I watched this week's episode of The Mentalist I had recorded last night. I like the show because Simon Baker who plays lead character, Patrick Jane is very good and the character is funny and smart. Also, the show is located in Northern California and it's kind of cool to see places like "Pleasant Hill" and Walnut Creek" on a television show and not just on the news. The episode I watched last night was their Christmas edition. It started out with a trip through old town Sacramento all decked out in holiday splendor. It got me thinking how much I would love to go one night before Christmas and do some night time exposures with my camera. How fun that would be! I always liked the show, Alley McBeal because whatever fictional town (it had to be fictional despite the name they gave it - no town is that "Rockwellian" any time of the year let alone in December) it was the best of towns at Christmas with the snow and decorations.
I digress, the whole point of the show conversation was that it reminded me that I want to do some night exposures of the holiday. I want to do that... someone please remind me,

I am currently sitting at work on a job that we have been covering for 3 days now. ~ 24 hr per. Jesse is young and has been cool about taking the night portion of the shifts. Us old folks are taking the day shift. I don't quite know how lucky I got to get this Saturday but there you have it. They don't need us too much, just have to be here and on stand by ready to haul when they need the truck. I am going to the football game tomorrow. Emily got tickets for the Niners game and invited her mom. What a sweet kid, huh?

The day has been dragging on now. It's 12:30 and I have yet to move other than an occasional potty break. I did some more editing with this program I have loaded on my little computer (Piccolo 'Puter, I call it) and am going to add them to this blog. This was in 2008 when we went on the San Francisco Belle out of SF Harbor. It is an old paddle wheel ferry boat run by Hornbolower Cruises out of SF.
We were a small group that year, especially compared to the years past, but we had a good time and the photo opps were all around. The night was calm and cool with little to no fog. I even got some cool shots of the city from the boat as we cruised out towards the Golden Gate Bridge. At the time, I did not have my handy dandy tripod so most of the shots had some movement. Although, as I ponder it, I don't think it would have mattered as the exposure was so long, and the boat always moving. Here again, another experience I would do for the photographic benefits.

City skyline in December from the water. 

Again, the skyline from the water under the Bay Bridge.

Got a little Artsy-Fartsy with this one.... same thing further out with another boat in the foreground.

That's it for now friends.... Happy Trails!

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