Monday, February 7, 2011

Apre`s Superbowl (the Monday After)

The game of the year has been played. Cowboy Stadium goofed on the temporary seating and made good to the people who did not get their ticketed seat. From monetary gratuity to seats for 2012 and more. But what about the folks who could not get a flight due to the weather? Some poor guy was on the news crying about this life changing experience that he would never get to because of the weather and flight cancellations. How do you get to see the commercials if you are at the game, anyway? That's a big question as the commercials have been such a draw for this particular sporting event. March Madness and the World Series do not get the attention that the Superbowl gets as far as paid advertising. Regardless, the beaver and the driver got my vote for best of the commercials. I am happy that Green Bay won, although I am not necessarily a Green Bay fan... just that I am definitely NOT a Steelers fan so that made the decision to cheer for GB easy.
So here is the commercial for those of you who did not get to see it or want to see it again. This little furry guy has the geek's back... I like that in a rodent!

The week is starting all over again. I spent the last week in a fugue. I remember most of it but today I am in the prime time of a head cold. As I look back at the week, I find that my lack of focus could well be explained as the early stage of this head cold. Or not... but it makes a great excuse... hah!
I spend Tuesday and Thursday nights at school waiting again for that moment of "Now THAT'S why I am taking this class" but it never happened. I am ahead on homework for the next two weeks and even did 3 different projects for our assignment to create a piece of art reminiscent of the masters. Here are a couple of the results and one of my previous assignments.

Sofia alla Andy Warhol

Shades of Van Gough's Starry Night

Assignment 2 - Go to specified web site, choose 4 images and
composite them together in a theme. What the hey... They all

So last week, I learned that

  • Maybe the moment of epiphany is never going to happen but I am doing some different stuff in this class.
  • If there is a quota on sneezing, I have reached it and beyond!
  • My back yard survived the winter in style. Blooms will be posted soon.
  • California is the best place to winter! The temps reached the high 80's over the weekend.
And most importantly:
  • My family is the BEST! My sister, niece and step-mom came over on Saturday as well as my daughter and daughter-in-law and all my grandkids to celebrate our winter birthdays. It was beautiful, the company was excellent, the kids were fun with a capitol F and life is great! Head cold or no... it's all good!
Happy trails people... have a great week.
I titled this picture "Utter Chaos" from left to right notwithstanding back and front,
That's Cole, Radley, Mac, Emily, Sofia, Dottie, Lucas, Theresa. Not pictured is
Renee`, Dorothy and Me ... we had fun and the day was beautiful!

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