Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day and the Pigs Ride Free!

I sit here at my desk remiss in posting for the last week. Seems like it has been a long sick winter. With four little petri dishes running around me regularly, a person would think I could boost up some immunity to colds and the flu virus. I am still waiting.

Cuteness Award of the Week

The cute things keep happening with my kids and their kids. Mac needed new shoes and at 3, he insisted they had to be green. He is soooo much like his mother. The cutest of the week award goes to my son and his daughter of 5. Her kindergarten class had a Father~Daughter dance. Sooooo cute!

How the Week Progressed

I spent the better (or worse) part of last week using up my stock of Kleenex boxes. Either on myself or the little ones. I would not lessen their visits for it, but life would be easier if I could stay healthy. I worked through it, but missed one of my classes. My coughing would have interrupted the long lectures my instructor is prone to offer. So I emailed in sick and was rewarded by a phone call from him on Sunday. He wanted to discuss the project we have coming up. Don't get me wrong, I understand the school system and the fact that the teachers want what they want. I just think I am getting too old to bend to their wishes. The parameter of the project was to replicate or use a famous work of art with your own work.
Without getting too technical, he wanted multiple layers (different pictures pasted into one) and to also use the tools which we have been studying to make this final product. He considered my introductory paragraph describing my project I attached to the email on Thursday excusing my absence (was I supposed to get a note from my mother?) as too simplistic for the project. I explained that I used all the tools we have been working with and a few more in multiple layers to make my Andy Warhol rendition of my granddaughter. I really thought it was some nice work. I guess I will make something else for him and keep the "good stuff" for myself. Oh well...

My Epiphanies of the Week

With that introductory information, I will tell you what I learned last week:

I started to take the wrapping off my V-Day
gift and then decided it needed to be mem-
orialized in print, so I put it back together
and took a picture for posterity!

  • Three nights of Nyquil is ok... the fourth night brings nightmares that would rival Steven King's novels.
  • Life with my g-kids is incredibly special, I just wish we could all be healthy at the same time.
  • A class in Photoshop- or at least one I am paying for - should be taught by a 30 something photo guru. 
  • My work makes me happy, I am getting too old to try to please others with what they think would be better than what I produce.
  • I will try again and again to make what I do better. It's all in fun anyway and not like I am actually getting PAID for my work.
  • No matter what product they put in a tissue, blowing your nose often enough still turns it red and sore.
  • Having two batteries for my camera is good as long as I charge the spare so I always have juice.
  • My husband is excruciatingly slow at getting stuff done and sometimes can be high maintenance and annoying but he still can surprise me when I least expect it! He actually got me a present this year and wrapped it and got it to the counter in the kitchen on Valentine's morning so when I woke up and made his coffee I found it.
  • Laughing is the best medicine ever!
And in the box.... there is a button on the side and it sings
Born to be Wild with rrrrmmm rrrrmmmm motorcycle engine
noise in the background! Radley's gunna LOVE this one!

Now you know the secrets of my week. Learn from them or just read, chuckle, enjoy and go out to make a better week. For who are we, if not students of life? Love those around you, eat good food, listen to your favorite song on repeat and learn what you can to make a better life. Happy trails, my friends. And as a favorite of mine says, "Keep yer stick on the ice."

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