Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sure-Fire Formulas to Enjoy Unemployment

Two days of spring. YAY! Well, one and a few hours now, at least. The rain has dampened my spirits. We have listened to the nay-sayers and stocked our shelves with "earthquake food." I have to fill my tank - wait - I need to make a "donation" to the oil industry for my pick-up. It is only half empty - or half full - so I should go down and top it off. It should only cost me around $50. I have to look at the bright side and say it is only half of what it would cost if it were full empty. (see, I used the term "full" there)

I am thinking positive and looking to a busy time as soon as the weather clears. I have not worked a full week since December and don't think I have had a day in a couple of weeks. I have a lot of material to work with on my photographic end, so I am also thinking positive and hoping that some day - some day - to sell a photo or two to pay for the ink or paper or something...
I have a lot of "honey doo's" for my husband, but have given up on getting any of them done. Time to get out my tool belt and do it myself, I guess. I definitely have the time. And just think ... if I screw it up bad enough, he will have to fix it! Yeah, right... or I will have to put a shower curtain over the mess... that seems to be the standard of operation around here. Whoa! Enough of that... depression sets in quickly!
We have until March 27th to make it though the "earthquake" scare. It is only a couple of days into the allotted time, but I have faith. I just told him if we are in the basement (we call it the cave) and it starts shaking, we better run! I contemplated packing a bag for a quick escape the other night when the moon was full and "closest to the gravitational pull of the earth" in case the shaker hit us while we were in our jammies in bed. Nothing like getting caught with your pants down. But, again, faith prevailed and I did not pack. Nothing happened so we are back to our "kick back" California attitude. When you live with shakers, you become somewhat immune to the Chicken Littles... "The sky is falling, the sky is falling"

Suffering from a bad case of "cabin fever" yesterday, I went for a ride. I took my camera and headed out for greener pastures. I got some spring shots and even a panorama of the city skyline from up on top of Grizzly Peak.

 I am ready to head out to the flower places next. My sister wants to visit the Begonia Gardens in Santa Cruz. This is a place we went to as kids. My mom always loved going there and always bought some special hybrid begonia for her garden. She was an amazing gardener. I have always said she could plant a telephone pole and it would grow. I was never as good as she, although my sister has a killer yard and seems to have inherited a shade of green in her thumbs.
Mom at the Begonia Gardens in Santa Cruz (circa 1960's)
I am doing better these days and spend trial and error experiences with my back yard. I have found that 'time' is the key. The more time you spend working on your plants, the better they respond. I guess they are like people that way. My favorite 'garden'  these days is my grandkids. I have lots of time invested in watching them grow as well.
Cole at the computer playing games after I cut his hair.
Time well spent in my many endeavors has cultivated some nice results. Time I don't have when I am working 6/10's in my truck. So I have many things to be thankful for in the lack of paying work. The problem being it doesn't pay the bills. It just SUCKS that money is so important in this world today. So, we will struggle along, stay away from the shopping malls and stores and spend time with our family and friends... eat at home, find things to do that don't cost a fortune and try to enjoy the love and life around us. It is not all that hard, except when the bills come.
We did not have much money when I was a kid. My folks always made do and I had a very happy childhood. I don't see it as too much different now.
Sofia being silly with good ol' Mr. Potato Head

 Just instead of spending 37 cents a gallon, we have to pay through the nose and leave a blood donation at the pump.
Two day ago, it was dark, wet, pouring rain and cold. Today it is sunny and bright. The birds are chirping and we just got a call for work. One truck at least... maybe two. It's ok. I am going to spring clean my house and go have a cup of tea on my deck. These things don't happen when I am working every day. So you see, there is always something to do. It can be dark and dreary one day and bright and sunny the next. I don't give up hope and have to believe it will all work out ok.
Too much time. The reflection of a cd on my ceiling when the
sun finally broke through yesterday.
Well, time to stop this musing and get off my butt. The day awaits! Bright and happy trails, my friends. Until we meet again.


  1. When you go to Santa Cruz, you have to see of Adolph's is still there! And I wonder if the wax Last Supper still exists ... it has to be pretty crusty by now!

    I so love your musings, and you know I'm a fan of your photography. Oh how I can smell those mustard flowers, and feel that cool, damp green hill. I may have had to leave California, but it has never left me...especially in the spring! Pick a bouquet of those and deliver them to Gram for me! I can still hear her laughing and calling me a damn fool last time I did!

  2. You're never going to believe this:

    At least I made you laugh!