Thursday, March 24, 2011

The weather man said that this rain today was supposed to be cleared up by noon. I just figured out what he meant.... it is "clear up" to my bum! Water in the basement needing to be pumped or swept to the drain hole and more coming down. Supposed to be in the 70's next week too... I wish I could be so very wrong at my job as consistently as the weather people and still have a job!
Regardless, I will be trekking up the hill from the parking lot to my Photoshop class to deliver my latest project, possibly in the rain. I made two versions of the Dream Time magazine cover and most of my family critics liked the graveyard one, so that is what I will turn in.

The choice for the project. I shot this at St Catherine Cemetery. The model is Andrea Bernard with hair by Candice Ferraggiaro and makeup by Tessa Rangle of Citrus Salon in Martinez. Also appearing are the faces of my grandkids (the "joy" part). 

Choice number two which was not chosen is of a shot I did in HDR at Rankin Park in Martinez. The graphics on the play set are my daughter's tattoo done in a displacement map to contour the slides. She is actually standing on the playset and the faces in the clouds are dolls and a chair carving I took at a local antique store one day.

I got to go to work this morning. How fun was that? I miss my truck and the quiet time I get going up and down the highway, but the rain was beating down pretty good and the wind was blowing and the people in the cars... well, let's just say that people in cars can be really stupid in the best of circumstances, but in the rain? There are many who dump what little brains they have out on the ground before they close that car door and put the key in the ignition! What business does a guy in a "hoop-dee" Carrolla have getting on the freeway from an on ramp crossing 3 lanes of traffic progressing at an average speed of 65 mph (everyone was going slow for the rain) all the way over to the fast lane to paduh paduh at 50? Did this guy even know he was on the freeway? Burn another one, dude....

I am back home now (safe, thank you) and it is warm and dry in here. The basement is in the process of some slight flooding so I trek down every hour or so and use the broom to move the water to the drains along the walls and then back to the spot it jams up just before the drain hole in the floor. It's mostly wet down there but as soon as the rain quits (ever???) it will soak back into the ground and down the drains and life will go on as before.

How peaceful is this??? 

My little Mac is sleeping in my bed - on "Papa's side today, Grandma" for his afternoon nap. I am so thrilled to watch these little ones grow up and so sad to see it at the same time. They are so very stinkin' CUTE! I don't know how to freeze the time except with my camera and I try to do that as much as I can.

Thank you my friends for checking in today. I so appreciate your thoughts and comments and hope that wherever you are the sun will shine and the birds will sing again soon. Happy (dry) trails, till we meet again.

And for all of you out there with a sense of hope and faith in the seasons, here is one to hold you over or make you yearn for a warmer, dryer time...

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