Monday, March 14, 2011

Walls of Gray

What is with this weather? It's time for spring and sun and blue skies and nice evenings! Sheesh! I could live with some sunshine, but again, my baby grass is sprouting and the ground is nice and wet for my early flowers. I have had a lot of time at the computer to work on my school stuff so that's good. My new project is almost finished and in a couple of days, I will post the two choices here for you all to see and help me decide which I will turn in for my final piece.
I kidnapped my sister on Sunday and we went garage sale shopping. I was in need of some pots for some bulbs I scored at Sam's Club and some other plants so I thought the best bang for my buck could be had at garage sales. I was right. The third stop was over in Clyde to an estate sale. I got some cool stuff and even ran into a friend looking for some things for her antique shop. We scored on some good "recycleables," brought it all home and after dropping my sister at her house, I proceeded to potting bulbs and placing all my treasure around my yard. I had forgotten how fun it is to do this. I will probably be doing it again soon.
So, with that in mind, here we go...

  • I learned that no matter the weather, my grandkids and kids can come by and all of a sudden, the sun is shining.
  • I was reminded that "weeds" can make for an incredible spring display and Mother Nature is a wise woman who knows how to landscape better than any gardener around.
  • I learned there are some things that I have not taught myself in my personal education of the magic of Photoshop - finally...
  • I learned that despite the nostalgic memories of running through the mustard flowers in my grandparents back yard and the perception that as you grow older you think all that kids stuff was not really as big as you thought, these particular wildflowers ARE as big and even bigger! Wow
  • I was reminded that other people's junk can be recycled to be a new treasure for me.

Personally, I would prefer more sun, or did I already say that? A few nice evenings on the deck would be sweet. Also, I think I would like a freshly baked cookie, so Happy Trails folks! I'm off to the kitchen.

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