Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where and When is Spring?

I got some yard work done last week. Not much, as I am struggling on my next assignment in my photo class. I have gotten into the routine, I think. There have been a few "Ahah!'s" so I am happier in class. We move along to new stuff and I get to learn the pieces of technology that have slipped past my self teaching. Our teacher is introducing things that I would not search out for myself so, as I say, I am instituting myself into a routine and working on epiphanies. Our latest project is a magazine cover. The name of the rag is Dream Time (or something like that) and the theme is joy and/or terror. I am good with the joy but the terror somehow eludes me. I have worked up a concept of which I am not extremely thrilled, but maybe in the recent bout of shutter fever I can unearth something more pleasing to my taste.
My grandson getting a haircut

I spend the time I am not working head down over this computer making the magic of photographs. We took some time off yesterday to celebrate a birthday with a riding buddy. He told me that in looking through his photos for the last decade there were few of him. Mostly because he was behind the lens - and if I had any in my files, he would like copies. I remarked that I had the same problem. Thanks to my friend Sue, there are more of me - it always helps if you have others with cameras - but I am probably in the same situation. There are few shots of me and this is something I will try to remedy in the future. My favorite ones of myself tend to be the ones I have set the camera to delay and then run into the picture. Or better yet, when I set the shot and get into the frame and use my remote button to take the picture.
He sports his Mohawk well.
Work is very slow now. Mark and I get to sleep in during the week - sometimes until 9 which in the past is unheard of. I told him the other day it's too bad it does not pay better because I am getting to like it. I get lots of time with the kids and time to work on my photos. Anyone out there want to purchase any of my stuff, feel free to ask. I am reasonably priced and it would offset the cost of my hobby... Not to mention, any chance to take pictures is one I jump at!
As it is a rainy Sunday, even though temperate, I will finish my thoughts and post some pictures I have been working with. You will have to wait on the magazine cover...

What I have learned lately:

Jesse and Sofia going to the marina on the bike.

  • 38 years with the same man can bring some irritation but mostly just a wonderfully comfortable and pleasing day to day life. Someone to snuggle with and help keep you warm at night and someone to care for and laugh with during the day. I wish the same for all of my readers.(pots and pans, darling...pots and pans - he knows...)
  • life is too short to spend it commemorating the negative. Instead, take a moment and think of all that is good in your life and how terribly many have it worse off than you. I promise you will emerge from this with a better outlook. And if you don't, call a friend and talk about good times.
  • When you find yourself with nothing to do, find some dirt and dig. Plant something and watch it grow.
  • Creative juices tend to clog when someone walks in and turns on the TV. Especially Nascar...
  • Watching a 3 year old get a haircut at a real barber shop can make you smile.
  • Seeing your 5 year old granddaughter riding down the road with her daddy can make you grimace and smile at the same time.
  • Learning something new makes your day - try it!
  • Mustard flowers in the spring covering an entire hillside will take your breath away. Especially after a rainy spell and the atmosphere is crystal clear and the sky is bright blue.
That's it for this week. Happy trails, my friends. Till we meet again.

Mac and Mikki at the marina.

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