Monday, April 25, 2011

Very Busy and Extremely Productive

My son's 1964 Harley Panhead Chopper. Nice, huh?
It has been a busy week for me. We attended two Easter celebrations complete with egg hunts for the kids, I did a photo shoot for a friend who needed pictures for the sale of his motorcycle and my son got his new chrome back to put some finishing touches on his motorcycle. I have probably uploaded over 500 photos on my computer and sifted out the best, edited and worked some magic and posted them to my Flickr, Deviant Art and Facebook pages. - I saved a couple for here as well.
The weather has been unsettled to put it mildly. This is not the best situation for our family garden across the street, but it makes for some incredible photos with lots of texture. After taking some great photos of our friend's Ariel Square 4 bobber, we went for a ride downtown to the marina. The sun was an hour from setting but the clouds were incredible. I set up my tripod and started shooting whatever I could get with the sun moving ever closer to the horizon.

The lighting was changing and I moved to see if I could get the boats in the foreground. A couple of fishermen in an aluminum boat approached the dock. One of them got out and had a small camera while the other held up a large sturgeon they had caught. I could not pass up the opportunity.

I sent a copy to the guy in the red, but never heard back. He's probably like my husband at checking his email. 

The bike pictures got posted to Facebook, but if you did not get to see them, here they are.
My Son's 1964 Panhead. He got it all rusty and nasty
and has worked diligently to make it this beautiful piece
of art. He just got the sissy bar back from the chrome shop.
He made it himself.

This is an Ariel Square 4. It's British circa mid 50's and bobbed. It is a very
cool motorcycle. AND it's for sale...

Then it was off to egg hunts for the weekend. Our friends always open their home for all of our grandkids and kids to celebrate the big holidays together. This year they went above and beyond with jumpy castle and bunny ears! The kids had a blast and it is so fun to see all our friend's kids and the g-kids who keep growing bigger each year. I shot egg pictures, kid pictures, grandma/grandpa pictures, family pictures and so on.

Then on Sunday, we went over to my cousin, Dave's. It was quite a full house. Both families from his side (that would be us) and his wife's we in attendance. We only had a few kids compared to the day before at Randy and Sue's but we had some great food, enjoyed the hell out of seeing our family and meeting new people and hid the eggs again for the kids. They just got this new place and it was gorgeous. Major rehab on the interior and even though the back yard was nice, plans are in the mix for new landscape in the future.

One of the coolest parts was the outside perimeter. It was more rustic than overgrown - kind of like an English Garden like my sister was saying. If I have to pick a favorite, this one is on top of the list. With this, I bid you Happy Trails. Make the most out of your week. 

My precious granddaughter. One of four of my favorite subjects. My friend Brent said it is like a book cover for Secret Garden. I told him she is like a fairy princess... happily ever after. 

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