Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let's Try Making $$$

I am embarking on a new project. It started as our final assignment at school and has snowballed into a full blown can-I-make-some-money product that will be offered for sale. I think it is time to throw my photographic hat into the ring of capitalism with my pictures.

As of now, this is the cover shot. Photo was taken in the 70's sometime at a wedding in  Concord, CA.

The school project is defined as a 4 month calendar with composite photos on each of the pages and 3 months of dates for the year 2012 with an extra credit for a cover. This has now morphed into a 12 month calendar (I hope) of photos, with a different photo for the cover for 2012.

The theme to the photos will be .... ta daaa...Motorcycles (go figure). I have some classic stuff from the 70's and 80's and have done some new work with HDR (high dynamic range) that has turned out nicely to add. I have a couple of photo shoots set up to add as well. I plan to take this to the annual Born Free event in Southern California in June.

My plan is to make a few dozen copies and see how it goes. I will then take orders for more (if only!) when the need arises. This may be my big break so if you want in on the ground floor, order your calendar early! Hah! You all know what great photo work I do ... yeah... well...

I got int interrupted yesterday... well, that's not quite accurate. I actually ran out of time. Had chores and errands to do so I just put this aside. I think I can pick up my train of thought though.

I have not yet figured a price. I am still shopping for printing and depending on the cost, this will determine the retail price. I will have some stuff that I have not published here so it's not all "old" photos. Best laid plans and all, I hope to have a final quality product that will entice the biker community or even anyone interested in my photos.

So, my friends, stay tuned to see what I can produce and how professional a product I will be able to offer. Until next time, enjoy this beautiful weather and I wish you all happy trails.

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