Sunday, May 29, 2011

Calendar Project Complete, Final in PS Class Done

Ok, so those of you who read my blog have probably already seen the movie and stills from my calendar. I will treat you then, to some "extra" stuff from the cutting floor. I struggled greatly with the photos from Jesse's garage I shot with my fish-eye lens. I had posted it on the blog I go to when I want a critique from other photog's. I got a lot of grief over the sharpness in the background and the "warpage" created by the lens. I don't know that either bothered me, but in playing nice, I went ahead and started from scratch again on the shot. This is the end result:
Re-edit version on Jesse's Shovel pic.
This is the original so you can see what I have done to the photo . What say you, my fearless followers?

The original shot. I don't know it I will change the file for the calendar. It has already been set in the print dialog. 
So other than this one, my teacher critiqued the calendar with corrections to the kerning (spaces between the letters) of some of the months name (ie: Januar y) kind of thing, although not that bad and really not bad enough that someone not looking would see it. He is trying to send students off to a world of digital imaging and be print ready to work the field....He also did not like one of the photos but I think you might have to be "on the inside" of the group I am targeting to appreciate that particular shot.

I like this one because in the words of Rod Stewart, "Every picture tells a story, don't it."
Regardless, I think the calendar goes to print as is... I am sure my girlfriend who is doing the printing and her very capable graphics guy will be pleased not to have to set up yet another file change. The project for school was printed by Minuteman Press in Dublin if you need a local place to print. Very reasonable and very good. Sorry, there's always my good friend and reader Heather's Cafe Press which I would have used if I did not have Kris. Who knew I would be 'published' ? HAH!

Ernie and his panhead. He is Mr November (and very proud of it!)
Ok, so now it's on to the next thing.... what kind of direction will this all take me? I am printing up enough of the calendars to sell. I am hoping to have great success with possible advertising on the empty boxes of the calendar month. I am going to hit up the chopper shops to advertise and thus possibly carry the calendar in their shops for sale. The plan also is to work the market directly at some of the events we attend. Maybe I can make up for the time spent putting this project together and possibly profit enough to pay for some of my photog extras. I am already thinking of photo shoots for 2013... but then, we have to get past the end of the Mayan calendar date of December 21, 2012....

We made it past May 23rd and little if no ending of world for most. So until it is all kaput, I will be here, writing the words, taking the pictures and trying to make the magic work. Happy trails my friends. Until we meet again.

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