Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Florence's Minestrone Soup Recipe

Minestrone Soup (Florence Baiocchi)

Soak dry Cannallini beans in water with garlic and sage 24 hours in advance.
2 Italian Sausage with Fennel & 1 for side
·       Celery
·       Carrots
·       Onion
·       Zucchini
·       Yellow Squash
·       Napa Cabbage
·       1 can La Valle stewed Tomatoes
·       Garlic
·       Olive Oil
·       Chicken Bouillon
·       Basil
Chop everything finely. In frying pan, brown sausage in olive oil and garlic. Add white wine and 3 or 4 of the stewed tomatoes.
In a big soup pot, soften chopped veggies with olive oil. Add water and chicken bouillon. Add frying pan ingredients. Use a food processor to smash up 90% of the beans (put the remaining 10% in the pot) and add to the soup with some chopped basil. Add all remaining ingredients. Add water as needed.
Optional: noodles can be added just before serving. 

If this picture does not tell a story, I don't know what would. From Left, my grandmother, Nancy, my dad, Robert, cousin Lena, cousin Johnny, my mom Dottie, my Uncle Dario, Auntie Mary, cousin Florence, Auntie Ann and Uncle Tim. Wow.. that's what my childhood was like. Love and laughter and dancing and merriment and always, always good food.
Thanks Florence for sharing your Minestrone Soup recipe with me. I will cherish it and make merry with my family. 

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