Sunday, July 3, 2011

La La La La

Been super busy with my g-kids the last two days. It finally caught up to me and now I am waxing poetic with one of my anti-anxiety pills. (I call them f*k-it pills because that what they make me feel like - in a good way)...
Probably kind of like 'drunk dialing' without the alcohol...

Anyway.... I have been on the floor, on the grass, in the sprinkler and manning the end of the hose for the last two days playing with my sweet grandkids. I am the luckiest G-Ma in the world! My kids are within a block (both of them) and I get to play whenever I want! I took Sofia with me on Friday to have lunch and celebrate my "wicked" step-mother's (Not At All - inside joke people) birthday. I was feeling really bad because I forgot to call her (my bad!) for the day of and so I told her we were going to lunch and I was at her service - even with a toothbrush to scrub her grout for my faux pas. Not like me if you know me to forget or not recognize a special day. We were in So Cal for the bike show but that was no excuse. I forgot to sing the Last Day's Here to my good friend Linda at the end of school too. What is going on! I have electronic crap everywhere to remind me but I find I forget more and more. One day soon every day will be a "new day" to me, I guess.

So I went to lunch with Dottie and took my Sofia with. We had a great time and got to spend quality time together - so nice. Then Fia and I stopped at Fry's to get a connector cord for my old video cam to hook it up to the afore-mentioned electronic crap to digitize some old home movies. We picked up a new video for my play room collection - something about dinosaurs - and a couple of computer games for the kids to play. We had a good day! When we got home her brother and folks came over and we played with the hose - it's gotten to be the heat of summer all of a sudden - and spent more quality time.

Last night my daughter brought me her two munchkins for a sleepover. I was on the floor with the toys and the kid cushions watching the previously purchased Dinosaur movie and crawling around doing more kid stuff. Lots of fireworks around the neighborhood - good thing they are illegal or it would sound like Bin Lauden's hideout in Pakistan on the night of his capture party. (That should get some military hits on my blog!)
I had to explain to Mac about the 4th of July and fireworks other than the ones we see at the Marina so he was not worried about the missals whistling outside. Radley decided it was bedtime and as his spot is in the only extra room in my house - the living room - Papa was watching a movie. Poor little guy was so tired but fighting it. Papa took him out of his day crib and cuddled and he was asleep in 2 minutes. 1 down 1 to go.
Mac finally decided he wanted to sleep on the couch so we had to vacate in order to make it up for him. He only lasted a couple of minutes as well. So very sweet when they are asleep - except Mac wanted me to know so I did not worry that "I sleep with my eyes open, Gramma." yeah,

Sorry about the poor quality - phone camera...
Today the parents picked up their kids and I ran off to the store to stock up on vittles for the masses. Jesse and Renee` were back in town and it was so so very hot out - their back yard is yet to get done and mine is so inviting. So, they came over and tried to get cool with me in the afternoon shade of the house aided by a garden hose to spray off when it got too bad. The kids were up for playing in the water table. Best damn thing I ever bought for them! I think we are going on 3 or 4 years now and it looks as new as the day I brought it home. By the time I got it filled, I sent the parents off to do their shopping and errands and had the kids engrossed in the water play. Well, except Cole who told me he was going with his mom and dad unless I gave him cookies. Hah! As if I would EVER give my g-kids cookies!!! Hah! So, cookies consumed and back to the water we played with the hose making rainbows and finding bugs. Life is so wonderful when you are 4 and 5! Dad brought back a SlipNSlid from Wallmart to play with tomorrow and packed his two up to go to friends for a cook out.

Then Emily came down with her two and we took out the SlipNSlide. It had a hole in it from the manufacturer and we patched it up with duct tape. We got it going and after two slides down the hill on it, the lower end which made a sort of water pillow blew out. More tape and now we have a sprinkler that will water my entire yard! Wow! But, we will probably take it back and get one that is not messed up. Still, the garden hose and the water table that Sofia filled up and sat in were a hit for the 100 + degree day. Life is simple, why complicate it?

So now I am getting my "ok - time to go to bed - buzz, and my anxiety level is so low if I saw a pig fly, I would just say "huh..." like I did with this picture my step-brother's wife and fellow photog, Susan Valladao got at the fair today.... Happy trails people. Dream sweet dreams... I promise not to "buzz write" again. Who wants to know how wonderful my grandkids are, anyway? Love, Love Love each and every one!
Photo by Susan Valladao from today's fair in Pleasanton (I believe) Pig Race. So Cool!

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