Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's Next in My Life?

I am thinking of selling on eBay. Cash is short these days and I have an abundance of 'stuff' that I don't really need or is cluttering up my life. Trouble is, I can't decide what to part with. It's a conundrum of sorts. I have this 'stuff' because it's something I wanted. I probably still do, but I am running out of room for it or maybe I have moved on to something else and it does not hold as much value for me as once it did. I have a large collection of stoneware bowls and pitchers, quite a bit of 'chachkies' ~Yiddish for trinkets ~ and of course, I would like to sell my calendars. My daughter is coming over later to explain the intricacies of selling on eBay. I have a sellers account set up already and am gearing up for the photo session.

The biggest problem I am facing is that even though all my stuff was only purchased if I got a 'great deal' on it, I think the economy or maybe the fact that everyone else is as un-infatuated with this 'stuff' as I am, the price has not gone up. In fact, in some cases, it has gone down. So then the next quandary is, "Do I sell or not?" I can just leave it where I have it stored for a bit longer in hopes that the value increases, or just take what I can get and be grateful for the time I had it and say a loving good bye and put some postage on the package.

This is my first item. I posted two bowls like this ... I will wait and see how they go.

Work is still very slow. We have actually been looking at relocation for an option to the lack of trucking work in our area. North Dakota was mentioned but whoa... it's really cold there...Oh Yaa, don't cha know... Texas is hot and humid or just plain hot and full of snakes, y'all. Montana is always an option in my mind. We still have a couple of houses there we have rented out. The thought of moving makes me sick in my stomach. Not only would it mean to leave my back yard behind (hell, I can do this again if I need to) but all the 'stuff' I would have to pack... That brings me full circle back to eBay.... Maybe I should just stop procrastinating and get started...

In the meantime, Emily and I are working on making oversized men's t-shirts into chick shirts. I don't know how that will go but we are having fun! 

I will post photos of them when I get some. Hope you are enjoying your summer. I am loving the time off with the exception that it pays for crap! Life could always be better but the Lord gave us lemons this year and we are trying to sell lemonade ... happy trails people!

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