Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Paint, Quiet Time and Trees that Reach the Heavens

Well, that green house my son built was so stinkin beautiful that we just had to get a 5 gallon bucket of paint and start the process to make the rest of the house look as good. My son-in-law has spent many hours so far working on it. He got a friend to help one day and I was there with paint brush in had to do a lot of the detail work myself. It is looking mahvoulous!
Up on the ladder. This is pretty special, he does not like heights at all~

Thank You SOOOOO much, Jason!

He is really much further along than this, I just have not taken more photos.

Then I took a break from life. My sister has a very nice place up in Avery, CA near the Calaveras Big Tree State Park. We took some time to just chill. Both of us have little grandkids. She has a brand new baby grandson along with her "big boy" (almost 2) Lucas. We both have very busy lives and it was just time to take a break for some recharge. We took off for 3 days and had a wonderful time. We even went for a long walk in the Big Trees State Park trail with all the big trees we remembered from when we were kids. We visited, swam at the the park pool, hung out at the lake and touristed about. I shot about 700 pictures. Of course each photo takes 5 exposures the way I do it, so it was not really that many. It just sounds like it. I have some here to show y'all of course. But first, a very gracious thank you to my sister and her husband for letting me stay at their place. It was wonderful!

My sister's lovely trailer. It is so nice! And comfortable, quiet, peaceful, beautiful ..
...need I go on? It's a great place to just sit and read a book~

A little playhouse a local builder made from scrap wood. Isn't it the cutest?

At the lake. How peaceful is this?

The logging museum near the lake. That's my sis...

Me leaning on one of the fallen big tree trunks.Amazing place~

Our little spot in the woods. The porch room is screened in and there is a tent trailer in the back for overflow guests.

Stump of Chummps.... This is quite a story. It's about some logging greed that backfired. This poor thing has been a
dance floor that had a bowling alley and a bar constructed on top. It is still solid 150 years after being cut down.
Guess that's why we want redwood for our fences...

The walk-through tree. Look hard through the tunnel and then look up! It's a trip. Better yet,
click on the photo and look at it bigger.

This place was dizzyingly amazing!
Well, back to the real world tomorrow. Painting, hopefully working, and all the other stuff that comes along with it. Back to reality? NO! Oh well, Happy Trails my friends. Enjoy the summer while it lasts!

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