Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life's Turns and Twists

First attempt at hanging the pics.
We tried to use the nails already in the wall
and then took them down and spaced them
better. Don't know what to do about the glare...
It's been awhile since I have posted. Sorry about that. I have been industriously fixing, printing, matting and framing prints for a show in my local town. I spent this morning with my son at the coffee shop hanging pictures. I am somewhat disappointed in the final product but have to do some more photos for a spot we did not cover and have hopes that when it is all done and night falls, it will look better. They all looked wonderful in my living room. Unfortunately, the wall space for displaying the prints is high and the lighting is fluorescent. This results in glare on the glass and a visual far from eye level.

I am just going to work with it. The show is this coming Friday evening so I will be surrounded by my work and hopefully lots of people who think as highly of it as I do.
I told my husband if nothing sells, I like everything I printed so it can adorn our walls at home. Even too, would make great Christmas gifts! I have spent a lot of hours working on this project and now work is picking up so I start to get a bit scattered. I had to revamp my website and of course, update my blog.
So wish me well, my friends. I will let you know what happens!
One of the photos I will be displaying. If you go to my website, you can see them under
"Photos of the Month"  and check out some of the rest of my stuff.

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