Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Job Well Done

Well, the show was successful. It was nerve wracking at times getting all my photos ready and hung but I had some great help. Thanks to Jody and his helper for all the work and staying open late for the show. If you are local and did not get a chance to see, the prints will be up through the month. They are supposed to be up till December, but as they do the Art Gallop every month, they may be featured at another business.
On the down side, I fried my video card on my laptop and had to invest in a new computer. I am down until I get all my software loaded and the info switched over. On the up side, I am hoping this one will be faster and I know it won't hurt my eyes as much - I got what my husband describes as a B-A-M... (big ass monitor)... it's a 21" and it rocks!
Keep posted for some new stuff. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful fall weather and the colors Mom Nature has given us.
Happy Trails folks.

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