Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for the Silly Stuff

I am thankful for many things in my life. I have a husband who loves me most of the time, two adult children who have started families of their own which has brought me two more adult kids to love and four wonderful, energetic, engaging, creative, funny, incredibly loving children to be a grandparent to, a warm home, many accouterments of a comfortable lifestyle including motorcycles and my camera and a good life to live and look forward to.
I have lost my parents but have a wonderful, strong and caring step-mom who is one of the most courageous women I know and sisters who have brought yet more family to love and admire for their accomplishments and great nephews too cute for words.
 Friends who are family and their families that have made it more of an extended family of friends.

But... and here's the rub.... there are some things that I appreciate often due to a lack of it or the lack of "functionality" of it that I am thankful for....

So here we go:
(Those that know me will understand more how thankful I can be for these things)

  • Indoor plumbing
  • An oven that works
  • A drain that actually drains
  • Paint on my house! (that's a big one)
  • New house numbers
  • A car that runs
  • Some time to myself
  • Work
  • Walking on two legs 
  • My new computer
  • Photoshop 
  • A day without the television on
  • My eyesight - even though my eyes are getting old
  • My big blanket on my bed - how I love the weight and warmth of it!
  • Going into the laundry room to do laundry (not the laundromat down the street)
  • A day shooting photos of just about anything
  • My external hard drive (backing up my photos and keeping them safe)
  • The time my sister and I spent scanning the pictures from when we were kids
  • A morning without hearing the stupid beep beep beep of my alarm clock
  • My garden shed
  • The strange twist of fate that has decided I can actually have a green thumb
  • The boys of summer (SF Giants)
  • Sunshine on my face
  • Cookies
  • My pampered spa treatments from my daughter
  • Wrinkle reducer
  • Acid Re-flux medicine
  • The birds that sing (from Kim)
  • Getting better after a bad case of the Flu (from Sonya)
  • And yes, Sonya... I was thinking that same thing this morning... - My HOT shower and all the joy it brings
And so the list begins. Your comments would be nice if you can think of anything else. Remember this is for that kind of stuff that you really don't think about but actually would have a tough time living without. I plan on finishing out this year's blog by posting still more photos from the year 2011. A photo countdown so to speak. Keep checking for when you make the blog. My eyesight might be a tad failing but my memory for photographs is hanging in there. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Keep yer stick on the ice.

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